05 May 2016
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When it comes to getting away with the kids, sometimes the sheer thought of actually having to pack makes it all feel too hard. Which is why we've done the hard yards for you and put together our essential family holiday packing checklist, so you don’t miss a thing!

(NB. This is not a definitive checklist, and does depend on where you’re travelling, but rest assured we have all the main essentials covered!)


Family Holiday Packing Checklist


1. Passports and visas (don’t forget to take copies and email them to yourself)

2. Travel insurance documents (don’t forget to take copies and email them to yourself)

3. Drivers license

4. Plane tickets

5. Itinerary

6. Wallet/purse

7. Money/travellers cheques/key cards

8. Keys


9. iPod/mp3 player

10. Mobile phone

11. Mobile phone charger

12. If you’re travelling overseas, a plug converter.

13. Earphones or headphones

14. Laptop

15. Laptop charger

16. iPad

17. iPad charger

18. Camera

19. Camera charger & other camera equipment

20. Video camera

21. Video camera charger

22. Batteries

23. Hairdryer

24. Hair Straightener

25. Electric shaver

26. Electric toothbrush charger


27. Socks

28. Shoes

29. Pants

30. T-shirts/tops

31. Jackets/jumpers

32. Scarf/beanies/gloves

33. Underwear

34. Sleepwear

35. Swim wear

36. Hat

37. Beach towels (if not provided in your accommodation)

38. Spare change of clothes if travelling on a long flight


39. Clothes

40. Sleepwear

41. Wet wipes

42. Toys

43. Nappies

44. Baby formula

45. Dummies

46. Plastic bowls/cutlery/cup/bottles

47. Bibs

48. Baby travel cot

49. Baby clothes

50. Baby sling

51. Baby food

52. Sterilising/cleaning equipment

53. Breast pump

54. Travel high chair

55. Blankets/sleeping bags/sleep sack

56. Bonjela, baby Panadol, nappy cream, vicks chest rub

57. Car seat

58. Pram/stroller


59. Glasses and/or sunglasses

60. Glasses cleaner and case

61. Handbag/back pack

62. Jewellery

63. Watch

64. Eye mask if you need this during travel

65. Kindle and/or books

66. Pen and notepad

67. Snap lock bags for toiletries

68. Spare plastic bags

69. Raincoats

70. Umbrella

Health & Beauty

71. Sunscreen

72. Medication and/or first aid kit

73. Prescriptions

74. Sanitary products

75. Face wash

76. Moisturiser

77. Brush and hair ties

78. Hair products like spray, gel etc

79. Tissues

80. Toothbrush and toothpaste

81. Travel towel/face washer

82. Lip balm

83. Perfume/aftershave

84. Deodorant

85. Make-up

86. Cotton pads/cotton tips

87. Shampoo & conditioner

88. Shaver


What you pack for the kids will be dependent on where you travel.

If you’re travelling long haul or staying somewhere with limited options, packing essential kids items will keep everyone happy.

89. Toys

90. Books

91. Colouring in books, pencils and crayons

92. Bikes

93. Scooters

94. Video Games

95. iPad

96. DVDs

97. Kids music

98. Beach games

99. Board games

100. Snacks for the car

101. Busy bags for the long flight or car trip

102. Treats for the long flight/car trip


103. Neckpillow

104. Beach umbrella or tent

105. Phrase book if travelling internationally

106. Water bottle/s

107. Sewing kit to fix those minor repairs

108. Keys for your luggage

109. Maps

Anything to add? Let us know!

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  • Guest - Catherine
    Great list! Very helpful and I like how you've separated babies and older children.

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