TRAVEL: 5 activities in Fiji the whole family will love

31 July 2016
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For any family organising a trip away, it can be hard to keep everyone happy. So how can you be sure that your next getaway is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family? Hello Fiji! The South Pacific Island is just perfect for families. It won’t hurt the hip pocket and it’ll keep the kids entertained.

Phillipa Steele, International Model and Fiji Airways Ambassador shares her local travel advice on the best things to do in Fiji. Sun, surf and some serious family fun is just around the corner!

1. FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Sand dune boarding

Fiji’s famous sand dunes belong to Sigatoka National Park, a favourite activity amongst us Fijian locals. Gear up for a day on the dunes that the kids will never forget. When you arrive, jump on a boogie board and get stuck into the dunes. The thrill of hurtling down the sand is so much fun. The best thing about the sand dunes is that once the sun goes down, you can head to the bottom of the sand dunes where you can build a bonfire, play guitar and tell stories. Dunes, tunes and a whole lot of family bonding!

2. FOR DADS IN FIJI: Bike tour of ‘The Pine Forest’ 

Set out on a two-wheeled adventure through the Nadi Mountains. A tropical bike trip through some truly unique trails that you won’t find anywhere else. Stinger Bikes run The Pine Forest tour, showing off some of the most beautiful terrain in Fiji. You will be sure to work up a sweat; luckily the tour includes lazing around at a nearby natural spring so you can cool off. Make sure you save some energy for the final hill, trust me you’ll need it. The final hill overlooks ‘The Lost Valley’ of Nadi Bay - a picturesque and unbelievable view!

3. TEENS ON TOUR: Zip Fiji

Let’s be honest, sometimes teens can be hard work. But if you’re determined to swap that scowl for a smile why not try zip-lining in the Fijian rainforest! It’s great fun and an amazing experience at the same time. Spread across eight zip lines, stretching over 150 metres, this is the exact kind of hair-raising activity that will get your teen going. The company also focuses on conservation and education, so your teen can learn a little something as they sail through the air!

4. KIDS GET CREATIVE: Pacific Harbour Arts Village

There is perhaps no finer place for little kids than Fiji. The South Pacific Island is basically a giant playground and there will never be any shortage of fun things to do. But if you want to do something different, take a trip to the Arts Village in Pacific Harbour. A truly traditional experience, visitors interact with locals, learning about our arts and customs. Kids will be in awe as they witness Fijian fire walkers and warriors decked out, head to toe in battle gear. There is also ample opportunity for kids to get involved, living day to day life as a Fijian local.

5. MUM’S PEACE OF MIND: Get your Yoga on

I think we can all agree that sometimes even the most blissful break can seem stressful for our precious mums! Fiji offers mums an ample amount of rejuvenation and relaxation whether it’s laying by the pool with a cocktail, getting daily massages or facials, tanning on the beach or doing yoga. That’s why it’s important that they get to enjoy their own slice of paradise while the family is in Fiji. Kama Yoga Fiji is one of the islands best known yoga centres. Operated out of Denarau Island, there are beachside daily classes that will cleanse the soul and clear the mind.

From activities and adventures that cater for every member of the family, not to mention the white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters, Fiji is the perfect island escape to whisk your family away for some serious fun.

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Phillipa Steele
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