TRAVEL: Top tips for travelling with children

02 December 2018

It’s that wonderful time of the year where school is almost finished and holidays are just around the corner. Many families will go away for their holidays, which can be a lot of work if you have small children, from packing to find the right accommodation for the family. Magdalena Roze, TV presenter and Meteorologist shares her tips on travelling with children.

1. Travel light

We've been pleasantly surprised by how little we can survive on and most places have amenities where it’s easy to stock up on things like nappies so we don’t have to lug them there. The beauty about staying in a rental is that many are kid friendly and a lot of them have the home comforts there already there like blankets, cots and a laundry to wash clothes. We ditch the toys too. There might be a bit of boredom to start but eventually they make their own fun - and sometime friends - especially in a new environment and in nature.

2. Be flexible and have a good sense of humour!

Children are unpredictable so you may as well just surrender to it and approach the holiday with low expectations and you might be pleasantly surprised. Sure the kids might have toast for dinner or go to sleep too late because things don’t go to plan, but it’s in this break from the everyday where the true magic lies. 

3. Plan the drive

If there are longer drives or commutes, try and plan those around nap times.

4. Don’t forget snacks! 

Fresh fruits like bananas and avocados travel well as they have skin to keep them clean and can be easily mashed for babies too.

5. We love the home comforts of holiday rentals which we’ve booked through HomeAway such as having a great kitchen, separate rooms for kids, space for entertaining and even a laundry. It’s so good not be squeezed into one room and even simple things like opening windows and getting fresh air (which you can’t do in a lot of hotels) make a big difference. 




Written by

Magdalena Roze / TV presenter and Meteorologist

Magdalena Roze is an avid traveller for both work and pleasure, and despite juggling a busy career in media and celebrity appearances, sharing memories with her kids is of utmost importance.


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