EDUCATION: Why IB schools and global education are critical for the future

19 February 2018

In today’s world, where you can collaborate instantly with a team spread across multiple continents and time zones, there is a much-needed shift in how we educate our kids, and IB Schools like Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus (QACI) are leading the way in global education.

Rapidly growing in popularity, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme addresses the need for global education, introducing critical thinking and collaboration on a global scale to the classroom. While the IB is becoming more available at several schools across the region, QACI exclusively offers the Diploma Programme as it’s only curriculum. This allows students to enjoy a shared journey as they engage with the curriculum collaboratively to complete the course over their three final years of schooling (Years 10-12). 

“The aim of all IB programs is to develop internationally minded people who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.” IB Learner Profile

Why study the IB at QACI?

Through an internationally recognised curriculum that encourages independent learning and cultural awareness, students flourish in QACI’s rigorous learning environment. Students take part in an integrated program that gives them opportunities for cross-curricular collaboration while developing academic, social and emotional characteristics. This holistic approach to education nurtures the needs and motivations of high-achieving students.

What is the IB Diploma Program?

The IB Diploma Program is designed for senior high school students and offers a curriculum that prepares students for tertiary study. Comprising six subject groups interconnected with a central core focusing on the nature of knowledge, independent research and academic writing, and community service, students engage in deep and broad learning experiences that are recognised by the world’s leading universities.

The Diploma Program at QACI focuses on the wellbeing of its learning community, with students and teachers engaged in thought and action in the context of social and emotional wellbeing. In particular, the core element Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) offers ways to focus on wellbeing within the curriculum.

What is CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service)?

CAS requires students to engage in self-initiated purposeful activities that are personally challenging. This involves embedded planning, reviewing and reflection practices to assess personal learning. CAS balances the rigour of the academic requirements of the Diploma Program in a holistic way. It provides opportunities to develop self-determination, collaboration, accomplishment and enjoyment. Through CAS students become self-aware of their individualities as well as their place as members of local, national and global communities. Universities recognise the value of CAS as an experience that reflects the characteristics they seek for undergraduates applying to join their learning communities.

IB Schools Creativity

Is there something available for younger students?

QACI’s Discovery Workshops open up these same opportunities for students in Years 8 and 9 to discover their potential across the IB Diploma curriculum. Workshops are designed to merge elements from IB Diploma subjects to give students hands-on experience in lateral and creative thinking while working with world-class educators.

As well as exploring the IB Diploma curriculum students who participate in Discovery Workshops experience teamwork and the value of collaborative learning to inspire innovative thinking. Students immerse themselves in the creative process to generate, develop and communicate new ideas in an inclusive environment that values and empowers diverse abilities. Working alongside likeminded peers, students learn more about the unique characteristics of creative thinkers. In this way, learning is fun and friendships are formed through a shared endeavour.

Want to know more?

Current Years 8 and 9 students can actively engage in one or two individual sessions. The workshops, comprising of the same content will be repeated at the set interval times.

QACI Open Day & Discovery Workshops: Saturday 3 March

Discovery Workshops: 10:00am – 12:00pm | 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Open Day: 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Location: 61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove

Workshop bookings can be made via

Upcoming Open Day Discovery Workshops NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Science on the Dance Floor // Science and Dance

The Museum of "Pasiòn" // Spanish, Visual Arts and Psychology

M-Cubed! // Mathematics, Music and Mandarin

Can you start a Robot Business? // Design Technology and Business Management

Poetry in Motion! // English and Theatre

Le Septième art – film en français // French and Film

To reserve your Open Day Discovery Workshop at one of Australia’s leading IB Schools, CLICK HERE!

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