OPINION: Do you get stuck on your child's homework?

10 February 2016

Do you help your child with their homework? With a new study revealing how parents are struggling to help their kids with their homework, has it gone too far?

The average Australian parent finished high school at least 14 years ago, so it’s not surprising that 88% of mothers and fathers admit they’re unable to always help their children with school homework.

A new study from Yourtutor.com.au reveals that although one third of Australian children struggle with homework at least weekly, most parents aren’t able to offer a solution.

Lack of time, inadequate levels of knowledge, and an inability to afford support services were the main reasons for the barrier, with 62% of parents with teens stressing that times had drastically changed since they were their children’s age.  

“While parents have the best intentions, they’re often not able to help and this can lead to stress and arguments within families,” say Jack Goodman, father of three and Founder of Yourtutor.com.au.

It’s no surprise that maths and science are the two subjects stumping the highest number of parents, with 60% admitting these are their biggest struggle.

39% of mums and dads also reveal that they aren’t even able to understand primary level maths homework.

But before parents get too concerned, Mr Goodman adds, “STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) may be the hardest for parents to assist with, however a lot of the time they’re the simplest subjects for teachers and tutors to explain to students, so even if you aren’t able to help, there is generally someone who is.”

What do you think? Should we be helping our children with their homework? Do you get stuck when trying to assist?

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Jessica Jane Sammut

Jessica Jane Sammut is a writer, editor and journalist, who has worked for national media and high profile global brands for nearly 10 years. A former London commercial lawyer, Jessica is now living her zen-life in Noosa, spending her days in the surf and nights on the deck of her palm-inspired shack with her tribe of boys.

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  • Guest - Cyntia
    I do! I help, but mostly when kids ask for it. And according to the research (https://www.homework-desk.com/blog/parents_helping_kids_wtih_hw_/), about half of all parents do the same thing! :)
  • Guest - Cyntia In reply to: Guest - Cyntia
    the link: [url="https://www.homework-desk.com/blog/parents_helping_kids_wtih_hw_/"]

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