Beach Safety is child’s play at Edge Early Learning

29 January 2020

Just prior to Australia Day, some of south-east Queensland’s littlest surf goers were instructed on how to be safe at our beaches over the summer.

On January 23rd, Edge Early Learning partnered with Surf Life Saving Australia to educate children at their South Brisbane centre in an effort to raise awareness about beach safety and reduce beach related incidences.

One of Surf Life Saving Australia’s highly trained lifeguards visited the South Brisbane centre last week to instruct a group of children aged three to five about the safest parts of the beach to play in and how to look out for danger.

Edge Early Learning Chief Executive Officer, Annie Bryce, said this program is a great initiative to teach children about the necessity of beach safety.

“Many families live near or spend their summer weekends at the beach, it’s part of the Australian culture, so we felt it was necessary and important to educate children about how to be safe in the water,” she said.

“Surf Life Saving Australia did a fantastic job of bringing this all together in a fun and interactive way to teach the children; from learning the meaning of different coloured flags, to what to do if found in danger.”

“Our Educators also set up a water play day for the children, using the centre’s sprinklers, water troughs and a built-in water play station,” she added.

Edge Early Learning’s experienced Educators are passionate about making learning interactive and enjoyable.

“By incorporating initiatives such as Surf Life Saving Australia’s beach safety demonstration, we are able to provide the best possible learning outcomes for children in our care, whether they be at the beach or in the classroom,” said Annie.


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