Avoid Contracting the ‘Summer Slide’ Bug with the Summer Reading Club

30 November 2017

Don’t let your kids succumb to the ‘Summer Slide’ bug these holidays. It’s an awful germ that can set your kids back months when they return to school. 


The Summer Slide bug is the product of a loss of learning over the summer months.


Research into “Summer Slide” has shown that children lose some of their academic achievement gains they have made throughout the year once they have finished school for the summer period.

In fact, studies have shown that children who don’t read over the summer, fall an average of 2 months behind on their education when returning to school.

By fifth grade, children can be as much as 2.5 years behind reading due to the “Summer Slide.”


You can treat the Summer Slide by ensuring children have access to books, recreational reading programs and connections to literature.

Around the world, public libraries like Sunshine Coast Libraries run Summer Reading Clubs to provide this access and ensure the children in our communities remain readers during the holidays.

“One of the major differences between poor and good readers is the difference in the quantity of total time they spend reading.” National Reading Panel, 2000

Summer Reading Club

Perfect for children aged two to fourteen, the Summer Reading Club starts on the 1st of December and runs to the 15th of January. Parents are encouraged to assist younger readers by sharing books together and filling out the reading log online. Wherever you go, everything is online at the Sunshine Coast Council Summer Reading Club website.

It’s super easy to get involved, here’s how.

STEP 1 - Register online from 9am 1st December 2017 or at your local Sunshine Coast library branch.

STEP 2 – Children read five things (books, magazines, graphic novels) and record them in the Reading Log.

STEP 3 - Submit the Reading Log online* or take it back to the library for a chance to win great prize packs.

What kids can win

Once your child has registered for the Summer Reading club, reading logs can be handed in to go into the draw to win 1 of 4 prize packs.  With every reading log completed, children receive one entry into the prize pack of their choice.  The more they read, the more entries they get!

  • Book prize pack– a voucher to your local bookstore and a bundle of awesome books.
  • Game On prize pack– a toy store voucher to embrace your child’s inner champion.
  • LEGO® prize pack – a stack of bricks and things to help children become a Master Builder.
  • Superhero prize pack – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? This pack will unleash your little one’s inner superhero.
  • Bonus Prizes to be won:

This year there are bonus prizes for the most books read throughout the Summer.  Encourage your children to get reading, complete their logs and the bonus prize could be theirs. 

  • Gold: $25 bookstore voucher
  • Silver: $15 bookstore voucher
  • Bronze: $10 bookstore voucher

Although separate to the Summer Reading Club run by individual Sunshine Coast libraries, The Australian Summer Reading Club is the official reading club website; it’s here you will also find heaps of activities, prizes and games. Kids can also register with this site to have yet another chance of winning.

Summer Reading Club - the kids will love it!

This year has been the best year ever. The SRC was so good. The games, the colouring sheets and everything is good. I really like all the books. My favourite character is the boy. So yeah, I rate it 10/10. Alex, 8 ACT

This has been my first time in the Club and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for this year's theme! Heroes and Villains are just the COOLEST! It also helped me think up the Kwazap Kids series, which will hopefully be continued before the end of the Club! Keep up the EXCELLENT work! Jessica, 11 VIC


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