Tips for a smooth start to school

15 January 2020

Preparing for a new school year is exciting! To help your child feel confident when they walk through the school gate, it is important to assist them to be prepared. 

  • Re-establish school day routines. Maintain consistent waking and going to bed-times, and times for homework, sport and relaxation.
  • Create a timetable together for your child to use to prepare for each day, including which days sport items or music instruments are needed and which days assessment items are due. Include times allocated for homework, sport commitments and relaxation time. Use pictures or symbols for younger children.
  • Establish a daily reading routine. This may be included in homework time or you may choose to do some reading in the morning before school.
  • Establish a daily numeracy routine. Encourage your child to spend five minutes skip counting in a variety of sequences and patterns, recalling times tables, addition and subtraction facts or solving simple word problems.
  • Help your child set three or four personal goals to work towards during the term. These may be focused on personal habits, learning achievements and/or extra curricular areas such as sport or music. For younger children, break goals into achievable daily or weekly steps.
  • Encourage your child to develop personal responsibility through packing their own bag, assisting with the organisation of their lunchbox and helping with chores around the home. By being part of these responsibilities, your child will develop their self-efficacy and strengthen their resilience and persistence.
  • Help your child to focus on strengthening their growth mindset. Eliminate ‘I can’t’ from your family’s vocabulary and replace it with ‘I will keep trying’ and ‘I will try a different way to reach my goal’.



By Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood
Head of St Hilda’s Junior School


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