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NEWS: How Minecraft can benefit kids with autism

: Minecraft: Not only is it a computer game, but apparently it’s also having huge benefits for children on the autism spectrum.

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NEWS: New online technology set to challenge cyber bullying

A staggering 463,000 young people are bullied online in Australia each year, so how can we protect our kids from such behaviour?


EDUCATION: The reason why students won’t qualify for tomorrow’s best jobs

With 75 per cent of the fastest growing career types in Australia requiring STEM skills and knowledge, and a decline in students participating in these subjects, how will kids survive in the big bad...


Academic excellence at Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is well known on The Coast for its outstanding learning environment. Here’s why.


NEWS: Get up! Students may learn better when standing

It’s second nature to sit down at a desk or table. But recent research has found that standing-height desks could not only be a benefit to our kids’ health but also their learning.


RESOURCE: Education Guide 2016

Following on from our very first Education guide last year, we’re excited to share our ultimate guide to education for 2016! If you're looking for child care or a school for your child in South...


EDUCATION: Should we modernise school hours?

Juggling school hours and working is a challenge most parents face. Is it time the school day was lengthened?

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PARENTING: 25 ways to ask your TEEN how school was today

Following on from our popular feature on how to ask your KIDS how their school day was, here’s how to get more than a monosyllabic grunt from your TEEN …


EDUCATION: What if schools taught kindness?

We all want to teach kindness to our kids, but could it be a subject that has a place in the school classroom? Imagine if it did …


CREATIVE CHILDHOOD: 6 ways to inspire your child to read

To read is to dream, to escape, to imagine and to never be lonely. Here's how to give your child the gift of the printed word #lovebooks


OPINION: Do you get stuck on your child's homework?

With a new study revealing how parents are struggling to help their kids with their homework, has it gone too far?


CUTENESS ALERT: School through little eyes

We asked some little ones how they felt about school … and melted at their replies. Prepare for your heart to turn to mush!