NEWS: New app hopes to tackle racism in the classroom

Can this new app eradicate racism and bullying in the classroom?


EDUCATION: Australian parents happy to fund their child’s university studies

A university degree is an expensive venture. Are you happy to foot the bill for your child’s studies?


EDUCATION: Fun National Challenge to Boost Students’ Literacy Skills

Want to boost your child’s literacy? Join in the biggest literacy competition in Australia, with more then $100,000 in prizes up for grabs!


NEWS: Former Brisbane school girl breaks swimming world record

Brisbane swimmer, Cate Campbell, smashes the world 100m freestyle record, and she’s got her eyes set on a gold medal at the Olympics…


EDUCATION: St Hilda's girls encoding a new way of learning

St Hilda’s youngest members of Generation Z, the girls in Prep to Year 6, are embracing amazing opportunities that were unimaginable just a decade ago.


EDUCATION: STEM - and its importance in schools

STEM subjects are becoming vital to modern daily life, so can we afford to ignore them?


EDUCATION: Make learning fun

We all want to foster a love for learning in our little ones, here’s our top tips on how…


EDUCATION: Facing the biting question

Biting in toddlers is unfortunately a common thing. But what do you do if biting at daycare occurs?

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PLAY: How you can effectively use sand timers to teach kids

Time. It's a tough one. How do you teach something so important when it's difficult to show? Sand timers!


EDUCATION: 5 key benefits of reading aloud to your children

It’s never too early to start reading aloud to your children, with this form of early intervention helping boost a child’s learning power, setting them up for success later in life.


EDUCATION: Top 5 reasons parents choose private schools

Australia has an excellent state school system by world standards, as well as a long tradition of private education. So, why might you go private?


EDUCATION: 5 reasons you might choose alternative education for your child

Steiner education, Montessori schools and home schooling have been available for many years, but have gained popularity and credibility in recent years, so why might you consider a less traditional...