HEALTH: 8 easy ways to get fit WITH the kids!

22 March 2018

Ask any busy mum and nine times out of ten top of her frustration list is not having enough time to exercise. Either the kids are little and require 24/7 care, or they are primary age and Mum is too busy working, doing school runs, and buzzing around extra-curricular activities to ever fit in some fitness time of her own.

Yep, it can be hard to create healthy habits in ourselves, let alone in our kids, because life is so freakin' busy!

Rather than try and find extra time to squeeze in time to exercise, here are 8 great ways to get fit WITH the kids - getting you all healthy, fit and strong, whilst connecting AND having fun! Winner!

Beach or park soccer with the fam-bam

Enjoy some fun with the family down at the beach or park! If you have other families that are your friends or live near you, get them to join in too! The more, the merrier! Rules of the game can be modified and made more fun, especially if you have little ones with amazing imaginations!

Have a dance off!

Create a playlist that includes every member of your family's favourite dance songs, then have a dance party of your own! This can be in your backyard, in the house or on the verandah… wherever you like! This is a great way to keep fit and have some fun, especially when it is raining. Silly dance moves are a must!

Nerf gun war!

All families seem to have nerf guns, so why not set up a 'war zone' in the backyard and have a battle? So much fun to be had, whilst getting fit with the kids at the same time!

Biking with the kids

A simple way to get fit with the kids is to head out on your bikes together. Stay on the designated paths of course, and perhaps aim to ride to your local pool or play park as a reward. It's more fun for everyone if there is some fun at the end of your ride!

Walking the dog

Get up just a little earlier and sneak in some morning exercise with the kids by walking the dog together. Take turns so everyone gets a chance to hold the lead. It's a great way to start the day and gets everyone, including the dog, active!

Sing, dance and clean

We all have chores that need doing around the house every week. Get the family involved by allocating chores to them, then make it fun by having each family member pick songs that they can clean (and dance) to! Little kids love to help and can pick up toys, tidy and dust, while big kids can vacuum and mop. The chores will be done in no time, and it's a great (sneaky) way to get active with the kids!

Gardening fun

Get the family planning what veges, fruit and herbs they would like to grow in the garden, then go together to purchase the seeds and anything else needed, and then plan a gardening day to plant them! Get fit together by clearing areas, raking leaves, digging holes, planting seeds and adding fertilizer and mulch if needed. Let the kids add garden gnomes and fun things throughout the new gardening area!

Then together, set up a weekly schedule of watering duties and maintenance. It is so rewarding when you can pick and eat your own produce.

Water limbo

On a hot day, grab the family and hang out in the backyard and play some water limbo! Someone holds the hose high, and everyone tries to go under the stream of water without getting wet. Once everyone has gone through, then the stream of water is lowered after each round. If you get wet, you are out! Play until someone wins!

Tips thanks to Leah Chandler, Founder of Kids Fit Australia and the Family Fit Online Program.

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