HEALTH: 10 benefits of trampolining... beyond being fun!

28 September 2018

Jumping on a trampoline is something kids (and young-at-heart parents) have loved to do for generations. A fun activity that combines flight time and contact time, it’s an interplay between weightlessness and large body force. The stronger you push the larger the acceleration and the higher and more exhilarating the jump. Yipee!

There's a reason that jumping on a trampoline is so much fun: jumping increases oxygen circulation in the body, naturally releasing mood-enhancing endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals all work together to make you feel happy. You'll also feel more alert, with the increased oxygen in the body increasing energy levels.

Happiness and fun not enough for you? Read on to learn more about the benefits of trampolining:

1. Teaching persistence

It takes time to master skills on a trampoline but because it’s so much fun kids are encouraged to persist until they get it right. One day they can’t do a flip, another day they can. What a great lesson to learn! Trampolining is a fun way to show that with perseverance comes reward.

2. Improving self esteem

On the back of getting to learn new skills comes improved self esteem. A child who learns new tricks gains confidence, which in turns leads to a better self image. This will help your child take healthy risks and solve problems, a solid foundation for their learning and development.

3. Developing motor skills

When kids jump on trampolines they are forced to think bilaterally - meaning both sides of their brain are in play. This in turn increases their motor skills, needed for everyday activities like running, jumping, standing, walking and sitting upright. Encourage regular bouncing on a trampoline and your kids will be better equipped to cope with a full day of school.

4. Increasing flexibility

Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens your child’s muscles, refining their flexibility. Posture and balance improves too as they become more aware of their centre of gravity. Flexibility is important as it enables your child a free range of motion. They can tie their shoe, reach for the high shelf, run fast and reduce their risk of injury.

5. Heart health

Lymphatic flow relies completely on conscious movement and rebounding on a trampoline is a whole body workout. This causes the lymphatic valves to open and close simultaneously, increasing lymph flow by as much as 15 times! Better lymph flow means better heart health.

6. Making learning easy

Exer-learning is a bit of a buzzword right now, and so it should be. Combining exercise with learning, the benefit of exer-learning is huge. Try it for yourself with a printed numbered trampoline mat and see how easy it is to do maths. Exercise encourages the brain to focus and the more your child bounces between numbers the smarter they’ll get.

7. Strengthening the immune system

Want a way to stop bringing home the colds and viruses from daycare and school? Bouncing on a trampoline detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system by stimulating internal organs and promoting lymphatic circulation. It basically pushes toxins out of the cells and allows nutrients in!

8. Getting kids outside

Let’s face it, technology such as iPads and television can make play outdoors a little less enticing. But with a trampoline, kids are promised a whole heap of outdoor fun. If you’re not a fan of raising kids with square eyes, a trampoline is an absolute must!

9. Relieving boredom

Trampolines offer the kind of fun that gets rid of boredom forever. Play dates are less of a challenge because there’s always something to do. Trampolines are hours of entertainment and make kids happy to play at home. You can mix up the fun too with a fun range of accessories. From basketball kits and soccer goals to jet sprays, games packs, trick books and speakers, every day on the trampoline can be different.

10. Secure play

Trampolines aren’t what they used to be. Not only do today's trampolines come with safety netting and secure zip shut doors they have padded metal frames and springs and safety pads in contrasting colours. Make sure you select a trampoline with an anchor kit for securing your trampoline properly. and you can also add things such as pocket surrounds to keep kids and pets out from underneath. Or you can opt for an in-ground trampoline to make it impossible to go underneath or fall off!

Choosing the right trampoline

If you’ve made the decision to bring healthy fun into your back garden be sure to check out the Complete Guide to Buying a Trampoline to help you with your decision.

Happy bouncing!


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