HEALTH: 8 extraordinary health benefits of trampolining

11 March 2018

Bouncing on a trampoline has long been a favourite backyard activity in many Australian homes, however the health benefits of this low-impact workout are often overlooked. While kids see bouncing on a trampoline merely as a fun activity, it is actually one of the most efficient and effective forms of exercise - for the whole family!

Springfree Trampoline shares with us eight health benefits for families engaging in just ten minutes of trampoline bouncing a day.

1. Stress relieving

Bouncing on the family trampoline isn't just for the kids. The team at Springfree explains that 10 minutes of trampoline jumping is a great stress reliever for adults and can help combat depression and anxiety. Trampoline exercise increases circulation of oxygen in the body and promotes the release of endorphins from the brain, resulting in more energy, better sleep patterns and a clear, happy mind. It's a great way for the family to unwind after the school and work day together, reducing stress levels in the home.

2. Cardiovascular health

A NASA study found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running. The NASA study suggests that trampoline exercise is 68% more efficient than jogging and perhaps "the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised" by humankind. Other cardio benefits include weight loss, stronger heart and lungs and a reduced risk of heart disease. Get bouncing!

3. Good gut health and digestion

Believe it or not, bouncing on a trampoline aids with digestion and improves gut health. The rhythmic up and down motion of jumping increases blood flow and stimulates the contraction and relaxation of the stomach muscles that make up the digestive tract, allowing the body to process and absorb nutrients more efficiently. Happy tummies, happy families!

4. Kind to the joints

Trampoline exercise is considered to be low-impact plyometrics, which means unlike jogging, trampolining reduces the amount of gravitational pull exerted on your body and joints as you rebound, cutting down the strain placed on your ankles and knees. Springfree says that the trampoline mat absorbs approximately 80 per cent of the shock from the rebound, making it a great option for the whole family.

5. Producing strong brains

Bouncing on a trampoline requires concentration and fine motor skills, using both sides of the brain bilaterally to jump up and down. Springfree Trampoline's safety guidelines recommend children to start trampolining no younger than the age of five, as bouncing teaches coordination and agility, which assists in strengthening their fine motor skills, muscle control and kinaesthetic awareness.

6. Enhance the immune system

Strong immune systems are pivotal to youngsters who are constantly surrounded by other kids all day. The lymphatics system is a key part of the immune system, which is responsible for fighting infections in the body. The motion of jumping up and down on a trampoline causes the valves in the lymphatic system to open and close, increasing the number of white blood cells that fight disease and infection and helping rid the body of toxins and bacteria.

7. More outdoor time

Living in the digital age, it's a struggle of all of ours to redirect children away from the screens and into the backyard. Outdoor play increases Vitamin D levels, which in turn help to improve the immune system, muscle function and brain development.

Instead of fighting the screen revolution, Springfree incorporated it into outdoor play through the development of the tgoma app, to encourage children to be more active outside. Tgoma is an interactive Smart play experience, which uses sensors in the mat to motivate kids (and parents) to be active through educational and high energy games. The tool is a great way to get the whole family outside and having a laugh, with the educational math, trivia and language games challenging even the adults.

8. Family time

Monkey see, monkey do. Bouncing on a trampoline is a great way for the family to be active together, with children more inclined to be physically active if they see their parents engaging in regular outdoor exercise. Being active with your kids has important mental and physical health benefits for both kids and parents alike, allowing a time to reconnect and bond in our busy lives. Take 10 minutes to bounce with your kids today!

For more information on Springfree or to see their range of safe trampolines and accessories, visit

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