HEALTH: Parents reminded to keep kids swimming through winter

16 May 2018

It’s winter and it’s cold, dark and wet… Brrr!

Though it’s hard to get motivated for a swimming lesson during the winter, experts are reminding parents of the value of continuing swimming lessons during the cooler months.

“A discontinuation of lessons through the winter months typically results in a decline in a child’s confidence and independence in the water, as well as a drop in technique and stamina,” Marina Burley from Kingswim Carindale explained. “This can happen within a period of several weeks or even less.”

To advance and develop their ability in the water, children need to maintain and reinforce existing skills. “Such maintenance and reinforcement is particularly important for infant, toddler and pre-school aged children when long-term skill retention and muscle memory are starting to develop.”

As well, some parents withdraw their children from swimming classes when the temperature drops believing it will help avoid illness, however this is simply an old wives’ tale. “From experience, children who swim throughout winter are far less likely catch far less colds and flu!” said Marina.

The higher fitness level gained through year-round swimming builds a stronger immune system that can make a child more resilient to stress and illness. “Swimming, along with good nutrition, can help your little ones stay fit and healthy during winter,” she explained. “To keep kids and babies comfortable, we have a constant water temperature of between 32-33 degrees. Which means even on gloomy winter days, it’s always a nice day for a swim!”

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