HEALTH: Samu Kerevi’s top Rugby Union drills fit for the whole family

28 May 2019

Queensland Reds Captain, Samu Kerevi, knows what it takes to go from a rookie to a pro and shares some easy drill for parents to do with their kids on the weekend or after school. 

 These easy drills are fit for rugby rookies, or just a great way to get outside and active with the whole family.

1. Catch and pass

Set-up: You’ll need two attacking players against one defending player for this one! Set up a 5m x 5m square and face your two attacking players towards your defending player.

Activity: The attacking players use the space to (try!) score a try past the defender. Each time they reach the ‘try line’ the players immediately turn around to attack in the other direction. This way the players are always engaged and in motion – they’ll be sure to have a good night sleep after this one!

2. Stationary passing

Set-up: This one is nice and easy! All you need is two players – a passer and a receiver – and a ball.

Activity: In a line, practice passing across your body. The receiver should practice having their hands up ready to catch the ball and the passer should aim for the receiver’s hands. Do this one-on-one with your little one or get a group together for a fun activity. Simple!

3. Running as a line

Set-up: This is the perfect playdate activity with a group of your child’s friends. Find and a nice, big space and line up in one straight line - you’re good to go!

Activity: Practice passing the ball both directions as you run forwards in a straight line. Start slow and gradually build up speed!

4. Clap catch and pass

Set-up: For this drill you’ll need one ball between two people. The goal of this activity is to work on your catching ability and to have your hands up (target) to catch a ball.

Activity: The parent/partner passes the ball to the catcher who should have their hands up in a ‘W’ position or ‘holding a hamburger’ ready to catch a ball, the catcher needs to clap once before catching the ball then pass the ball back to the parent/partner. As the catcher gets used to presenting a target before receiving a pass, they can move up a progression and clap two times before catching a ball.


Image: Brendan Hertel

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