NEWS: Bluebottles invade QLD!

07 January 2019

A warning has been issued for beachgoers in Queensland as thousands were treated for serious stings on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast over the weekend. Surf Life Saving tweeted they treated 2,632 stings across both the Gold and Sunshine Coasts last weekend alone.

Tim Wilson from Queensland Surf Life Saving told the Today show the reasons for the record numbers of blue bottles at his time is due to the northerly winds and the swells, which are pushing all the blue bottles closer to shore.

If you, or a family member do get stung by a bottle, Tim suggested the following:

  • Go straight to the lifeguards and they will give you ice to numb the area which has been stung.
  • The best thing for a sting is hot water so get into a hot shower as soon as possible.

For more advice on how to treat a jellyfish sting, click here.

With the amount of bluebottles around at this time. People should stay out of the water, because there is a high chance you will get stung.

Written by

Amardy Baucke / Deputy Editor

Amardy is a Family and Children's Mindset Coach, and Deputy Editor for Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City. Her goal is to inspire people to live a healthy wholesome lifestyle.

Living on the sunny Gold Coast Amardy is a dedicated wife and mother of three beautiful children.

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