NEWS: New service provide real-time video-call GP consultations

04 September 2018

Recognising the need to alleviate lengthy hospital Emergency queues, telehealth innovator Instant Consult has launched a free mobile app that instantly connects Australians with a qualified GP, through video call.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), hospital Emergency departments have been inundated with a 25% increase in admissions over recent years.*

This influx is due to number of patients visiting Emergency rooms with non-life threatening symptoms, that would otherwise be treated by a GP.

An estimated 41% of all Emergency visits^ are now classified as ‘semi urgent.’

Instant Consult aims to reduce the strain on Emergency departments, by connecting patients with an Australian registered and experienced video GP in real time – 24/7. Instant Consult GPs provide a range of healthcare services such as patient diagnosis, treatment plans, prescriptions, medical certificates and specialist referrals.

Founders of Instant Consult, Travis and Bianca Brown, believe telehealth can offer a timely and cost-effective solution for Aussies seeking medical attention on weekends, weeknights or public holidays.

“Emergency departments are treating non-life threatening symptoms such as gastro, headaches and fever – that can instead be assessed by a GP. Instant Consult can enable Aussies to receive a medical diagnosis in their own home, reducing the strain on our Emergency rooms.”

Instant Consult has already connected hundreds of patients with much-needed GP care. Melanie Holland, a working parent living in Queensland, said that Instant Consult provides her family with peace of mind.

“As a mum, it’s sometimes difficult to know whether my children need immediate care for late-night coughs, lumps or bumps. It’s reassuring to know that Instant Consult can offer my family access to medical care, anytime of the day or night.”

Instant Consult GP, Dr Janelle Hall, has seen the benefits that telehealth can provide to both patients and medical professionals.

“Instant Consult offers another way for medical professionals to offer quality medical care, which suits our patients’ needs. An Instant Consult works in the same way a physical consultation, without the need for lengthy waiting times. Video technology enables us to instantly connect with a patient, make a diagnosis, and offer the appropriate advice to alleviate medical symptoms.”

The Instant Consult app is free to download for all smartphones and tablet devices. For more information visit

Source: *AIHW Emergency department care data, 2012 – 2016 ^AIHW Emergency department care data, 2006

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