NEWS: Nurturing Sunshine Coast kids

19 June 2018

A new paediatric practice has opened on the Sunshine Coast, providing parents with a choice on which paediatrician their child can attend.

Qualified paediatrician and founder of Nurture Paediatrics, Dr Caroline Hughes, has worked in child health and paediatrics for over 16 years and has extensive knowledge in paediatric medicine with a special interest in child advocacy.

“As a paediatrician, I help children to become the healthiest version they can be, Caroline explained. “This looks different for every child and their family, it is my job to formulate how a child can learn, laugh and play regardless of their medical condition. I strive to achieve this using a least intrusive approach.

“A child should not be defined by their medical condition. I try my best to simplify and demystify a family’s stress. This can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming. However, I want parents and carers to feel they have someone who is prepared to walk the journey with them,” said Caroline.

“I love my job, it gives me so much satisfaction to work with children and parents/carers. It is always my aim to ensure that my patients and the parent or carers feel completely at ease and able to communicate with me openly. It is extremely important to me to always remain professional but my consultations with patients are always full of laughter and smiles. Going to a doctor for sick children is really tough so I hope with Nurture Paediatrics that I can give the children on the Coast some relief that I will welcome them with warmth, bundled with smiles.”

Nurture Paediatrics offers a range of services: baby checks, weight or growth concerns, feeding issues, sleep problems, concerns regarding development, learning disabilities, diagnosis and management of autism spectrum disorder, genetic conditions, paediatric allergies.
To reduce any disturbance to a child’s routine, the practice is also open for appointments before school and on Saturday mornings. Find out more at

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