FOOD: It’s pack your parents’ lunch day!

09 October 2017

Feeling the lunchbox grind?

Well, put down the bento box, because Wednesday 11 October is ‘Pack your Parents’ Lunch Day!’

Chef Jamie Oliver and Woolworths have partnered to encourage Australian kids to try their hand at packing the perfect lunchbox for their parents. ‘Pack Your Parents’ Lunch Day’ is aimed at starting a conversation within Australian families about selecting smart, fun and healthy choices for lunch, and giving children the power to make those decisions.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics only one in twenty (5.1%) of Australian children and adults meet the recommended National Dietary Guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake.

Jamie Oliver said: “Pack Your Parents’ Lunch Day is all about empowering kids in the kitchen and getting them to understand what it takes to make a healthy lunchbox. It’s about discussing choices, getting stuck in, and inspiring them to take an interest in food as early as possible.”

Woolworths Nutritionist, Monique Cashion said: “We understand the challenge busy families face around packing a nutritious lunch box that kids will actually eat. Pack Your Parents’ Lunch Day is a great way to reverse roles for a morning and empower kids to be involved the decisions around food choices. We look forward to seeing some of the lunches that the kids create on the day.”

You can share the kids’ creations via social media using the hashtag #packyourparentslunchday. Jamie Oliver will be reviewing posts made by parents using this hashtag, awarding prizes to the best lunch creations.

Jamie Oliver added: “Get your kids involved in every aspect of food and the whole thing will just come alive for them! Let them explore the supermarket, and encourage them to pick the fruit and veg they like – once you’ve sparked their interest, it’s so much easier to get them to try new things and explore different flavours. Plus, learning to make food for other people is a brilliant thing – and what better way than by making a tasty little lunch for a loved one!”

Jamie’s top five simple tips to get kids excited about food are:

1. Start them young – investing time when they’re young and impressionable is absolutely key.

2. Make the time – put aside time to cook and have hands-on time in the kitchen together, even when life is busy.

3. Start small and build up – little jobs like picking herbs is a great starting point, empowering kids to make decisions as they get more confident.

4. Keep it simple – it’s much better to cook something quick and simple that keeps their attention, before trying more complicated recipes.

5. Involve them in other ways – get them to help set the table or jazz up jugs of water with picked herbs or citrus and fill everyone’s glass before a meal.

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