PLAY: 11 alternative (and super-fun!) uses for your backyard trampoline

06 March 2019

ou love your trampoline in the backyard, but did you know there’s a heap of other uses for the humble trampoline?

The perfect outdoor learning space

For a child that learns better outdoors, the trampoline is the perfect space. Grab chalks to play letter and number games on trampoline jumping surface, a child can even bounce over to the correct answer!

Trampoline camp out

Get the sleeping bags out and have a sleepover on the trampoline! Tell stories, play games and sleep under the stars, whilst being off the damp grass and away from the creepy crawlies.


Trampoline cubby

If you have a trampoline with an enclosure, such as a Springfree Trampoline, throw an old parachute or large sheet over the top of the enclosure and the trampoline turns into a bouncy cubby house!

Cloud busting

Lay back on the trampoline with the kids and watch the clouds go by, seeing what shapes you can spot in the sky. The trampoline is a great alternative to lying in the garden, away from the bugs and itchy grass.

Trampoline retreat

Kids playing in the garden all afternoon? Why not use the trampoline as a parent’s retreat?! Put a sunshade over the top and fill the trampoline with cushions, and it becomes the perfect place for parents to chat whilst the kids play.

Trampoline movie night

Grab your pillows and blankets and watch a movie outside on the trampoline. Use a cheap projector to project the movie onto a white sheet hung onto the enclosure, or just use a laptop!

Trampoline picnic

Being raised off the ground, the trampoline is the perfect place for a picnic! Lay your blanket down and you have a soft outdoor surface to lay back on, nicely away from the ants.

Chalk art

The jumping surface of the trampoline is the perfect blank canvas! Far more comfortable to sit on than the driveway, kids can colour and draw to their heart’s content and just hose it down once finished.

Gaze at the stars

Once the sun goes down, lay your blankets on the trampoline and it becomes a comfortable place to watch the stars at night.

Outdoor yoga

Want to make your yoga workout a little more challenging? Try some of your favourite yoga poses on the trampoline. It will test your coordination and balance, and burn a few more calories than being done on the flat ground.


Trampoline office

If you work from home and need a change of scenery, why not take the laptop out to the trampoline for a great, fun outdoor office? It’s amazing how much better you work with a different outlook.


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