ECO: 15 simple ideas to save the environment as a family

12 May 2017

Learning to care for the environment starts at home. Encourage your kids to look after the world around them by taking steps towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Remember, every little helps! Here are some great tips to get you started.

1. Recycle a plastic bag in the best way possible – use it to gather rubbish from the beach. Take a bag each and see who can collect the most.

2. Get the kids involved in the garden. Put them in charge of a vege patch or flower bed and teach them how to take care of their plants. If outdoor space is limited, invest in some houseplants or introduce some herbs to a windowsill.

3. Make your own worm farm and turn your kitchen scraps into compost. See our article on building a worm farm here.

4. Make sure your kids turn off their lights when they are not in their room. Get them to remind you when you leave one on too and you’ll soon get out of the habit!

5. Ride a bike instead of taking the car where possible – good for the environment, good for your health!

6. Instead of having the air-conditioner on full blast, try opening the windows. Fresh air is great.

7. Make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full before you run them – this shouldn’t be too hard with kids around!

8. Recycle your old clothes. Use them for cleaning cloths or insulation, or donate them to charity. 

9. Cut down on paper use – pay your bills online and use email instead of snail mail.

10. Ditch the single serving multipacks. They contain excess packaging and cost you more too. See our article here for making waste free lunchboxes.

11. Switch to environmentally-friendly alternatives for cleaning your home. See our guide here. You’ll be amazed what you can do with baking soda!

12. Cut down on the amount of stuff you buy. Wait a week before you buy something. If you still want it, you know it’s not an impulse buy that could end up in landfill after a few months.

13. If something is broken, try and fix it before throwing it out.

14. Recycle, recycle, recycle! Separate your rubbish and be sure to keep the good recyclables for your kids’ craft projects.

15. Be a borrower. Ask a friend to lend you an appliance if you are only going to use it a handful of times – think sanders, carpet cleaners, power washers, etc.

What other tips do you have?

Read more in our article on How to raise a child who cares about the world around them here.

Written by

Kerry White

Kerry is the Senior Writer for Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City. Kerry moved to Australia from England in 2013 with her husband and two daughters. She worked as a sub-editor in London for seven years before she had her girls. She now calls the Sunshine Coast her home and is making the most of its glorious weather and beaches. She enjoys baking, especially when she has a glass of wine in hand, and is a part-time Psychology, Criminology and Justice student. She also shares her home with two cats and her daughters' imaginary dogs.

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