Family Health

What is Low Muscle Tone?

Find out what exactly is Low Muscle Tone and what it means for your child.


How to Prevent Braces

How John Flutter Dental can prevent the need for braces with their early intervention program.

Family Health

Auditory Processing Disorder

It’s common to have to call our child multiple times before they respond, but how do you know when there is a problem and that they may have Auditory Processing Disorder? This article explains.

Family Health

Essential Food for the Brain

As well as being essential to physical and emotional health, exercise has a significant role to play in the healthy development of your child’s brain and this affects your child’s ability to...

Family Health

Questions on Autism Answered

In the past decade there has been a huge increase in public awareness of autism.

Family Health

How to Calm Kids

How to help your children activate 'calm' using the 'Child's Pose' yoga position.

Parenting Files

When a Child Won't Taste New Foods

Do you have a fussy eater that refuses to try new foods? Here are 5 tips to encourage your child to expand their taste buds.

Pregnancy & Babies

Celebrate Your Body, Beautiful!

For most women stretch marks are inevitable but you can reduce their appearance and in this article we share 11 different products that can help.

Family Health

Build a Strong Post-Baby Body

I often have mothers visit me at the gym with a great interest in getting their bodies back on track. Often, most think they have left it too long and too late. We go on to discuss many things from...

Family Health

The ‘Heads Up’ on Cradle Cap

Each of my three boys had cradle cap, as have many babies in my family, my friend’s babies and my customer’s children. Max, our youngest, had it and at times it was quite bad and looked just...