Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: The mamas behind The Village Markets

We sit down with co-founders of The Village Markets to talk family, work and an exciting new event being launched in Brisbane.

Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: The power of the Playgroup

The early childhood years can be an incredibly isolating time, when many new mums struggle for connection and understanding. We chat to Ursula Smith, coordinator of mothers’ programs at Lifepointe...

Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: 14 year old musician Amy Elise releases debut single

Local Gold Coaster Amy Elise has a big future ahead of her. At just 14 years old, Amy has just released her debut single ‘How Bout No’. With her love of music starting at an early age, Amy has...

Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: Ben Hannant - on life, parenting and the secret to a happy family

Former Rugby League player, breakfast radio host and all-round super-dad to seven 
(yes SEVEN!) kids. But what is Ben Hannant's 
secret to a happy family?

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INTERVIEW: Vanessa Fowler - turning the tide on domestic violence

In 2012 Vanessa Fowler's sister was the victim of domestic violence. Now she is campaigning for change...

Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: Introducing Loliboli by Lauren Brant

You may recognise her face from her days performing in Hi-5 but these days local Gold Coaster, Lauren Brant and her AFL partner, Barry Hall are parents to their gorgeous little boy Miller. As busy as...


Weird Christmas traditions around the world

From evil spirits to pooing logs, there are some very strange Christmas traditions around the world.

Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: A day in the life of a seal trainer at Sea Life

Top of the list of any visit
 to the Sunshine Coast is a trip to Sea Life. We chat to Malcolm Westwood, one of four Senior Seal Trainers, to find out more about life 
 behind the scenes at the...

Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: Gold Coast Multiple Birth Association

The Gold Coast Multiple Birth Association strives to provide an avenue for communications and sharing of information on the care of raising multiples. We sat down with Kristie to find out more about...

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THINGS TO DO: The Little Elves Project

Wanting to make Christmas a little brighter for Queensland kids in foster care, brothers 
Jack and Hayden embarked on a project that is now making waves across the region.

Life Stories

LOCAL STORY: Community rallies to help kid with a 'one in a million' disease

Imagine your 5-year-old child catches a cold that triggers a remission that results in a doctor telling you your child has a rare terminal disease and there is no cure...


SCIENCE: Fun ways to get kids excited about space

We chat to Kirsten Banks, astronomy educator who works at the Sydney Observatory to find out more about getting kids excited about space.