THINGS TO DO: Nature-inspired Easter hat!

11 March 2018

Easter hat parades can be so much fun. I still remember mine, even at this ripe old age! I think an Easter hat needs to be created by the child, but there isn’t anything wrong with helping them with ideas. 

This year our Easter hat inspiration has come from nature. We headed out into nature and collected all different types of leaves and we talked about which trees we thought they had fallen from. It was a great exercise to get the kids to look up and pick a tree, look at the leaves on the tree and how they changed once they had fallen and marry the fallen leaves to the trees. It sparked a few questions about why leaves fall, and how trees provide oxygen, all of which got answered of course.

What you need to make a nature-inspired Easter hat:

  • A collection of fallen leaves
  • Craft paint (we used acrylic)
  • Various sized paintbrushes
  • Egg carton paint tray
  • Cardboard for the headband & a stapler
  • Super Glue

Follow these steps to get started.

1. Paint leaves in solid colours first and let dry.

easter hat 1

2. Follow by adding different designs and colour schemes that worked together then let dry.

3. Cut a strip of cardboard approximately 3 cm wide and lay it out flat.

4. Find the middle of your cardboard band and get the kids to start laying out their painted leaf designs.

easter hats band

5. Starting in the middle, glue down one leaf at a time and work your way out on each side. We used superglue so we were sure they would hold fast. We all know how impatient kids can get!

6. When their Easter Hats are exactly how they would like them, measure and staple each child’s headband individually at the back so it fits snug.

You could even paint the headband or add some other easter fun to the space on the band. All that’s left to do now is wait patiently for the parade! Enjoy!


easterhats finished


Written by

Rebecca Searles

Becky is a mum who wants to show you how to garden! Her blog Family Garden Life launched in February 2017 as a blog directory for mums who wanted to bring their family closer to nature but weren't sure where to start. While gardening had always been part of Becky’s life, she knew others weren’t as comfortable in the outdoors.

The site offers everything a first-time gardener could want. There’s no stuffy, technical gardening terms, just practical advice from another mum. In a world of overly processed food, excessive packaging, and a growing food waste problem, she sees her garden as making a small contribution to a healthier planet and helping to raise happier, healthier kids in the garden.

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