Festive Season Tips for Separated Parents

14 November 2019

Christmas is nearly here and while it is generally a time of joy and excitement, for newly separated families it can be a time of uncertainty and stress.

Having worked with many families over the past 10 years the team at New Way Lawyers want to share 3 tips with separated parents about how to prepare for a happy and stress-free Christmas.

Start communicating and planning now

Regardless of whether you and your ex communicate by email, text, phone or in person start the dialogue about Christmas and holiday arrangements now so you both know where you stand. Starting this now allows time for any issues to be resolved if you can’t agree.

Organise gift giving

Communicate with your ex about gifts for your child to avoid a double up of the same gift. If you have an amicable parenting relationship you could even consider putting in together for a bigger gift that your child wants.

Keep the magic of Christmas alive for your children

When young children share their time between two homes, they can feel confused or upset about whether Santa will be able to find them. Let them know not to worry and that Santa knows everything and will know exactly where to leave their presents.


By Carolyn Devries, New Way Lawyers
The above information is intended to provide general information about the types of parenting arrangements, it does not represent legal advice. If you would like legal advice about parenting arrangements or other family law matters you can call (07) 3548 5868 for a free 20 minute phone consultation with one of their family lawyers. 

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