HOME HACK: 10 organisation hacks for kids’ bedrooms

07 August 2017
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Keep your kids bedrooms tidy and clutter free with these 10 super-easy organisation hacks.

We all know how difficult it can be to keep our kids’ bedrooms tidy and clutter free (hand’s up if you can’t even see the floor sometimes?!) And when you’re short on space to store everything, the craft supplies, stuffed toys and teeny-tiny Barbie shoes often seem like they could take over the world.  

To help you rediscover that bedroom floor once more, here are some super-easy DIY projects that will keep your kids’ bedrooms organised and save those stubbed toes!

1. Mini costume cupboard

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Does your little one love to dress up? Does their bedroom floor resemble the dressing room of a Christmas pantomime? Or maybe they have a collection of dress-up costumes stuffed into a drawer, making it difficult to find those very special bumblebee wings? Here’s a great idea to turn an old dresser into a mini costume cupboard for every little drama queen to enjoy. Image credit: A Turtles Life For Me

2. Stuffed animal net

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Kids’ bedrooms always seem to be inundated with soft toys. If you are looking for a way to get all of those stuffed animals off the floor or their bed, this soft toy net is a brilliant way to get them quickly tidied away. If you’re a sewer, it’ll be easy to make. Or simply buy the right material or blanket and pin it to the wall. Image credit: Lemon Squeezy Home

3. Hanging tote bags

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The back of a door is always a great spot for hanging things. These hanging tote bags are the perfect solution to any storage woes – fill them with LEGO, toys, blocks or games. Image credit: Play Chic Interiors

4. Tin tub ottoman

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How’s this for creativity? Take a basic tin tub, add a cushioned lid and you instantly have a fabulous storage bin! Image credit: Killer B Designs

5. Old suitcases for under bed storage

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If you’re a lover of recycled shopping, keep a lookout for some old suitcases. They make perfect under bed storage! Image credit: Cape 27 Blog

6.  Hanging baskets for toy storage

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OK, we know this isn’t a bedroom but we couldn’t pass it up, as it’s a great storage idea. Whether it’s in the bathroom or bedroom, this is an awesome use of hanging baskets to keep clutter at bay. Image credit: 8 Foot Six

7. Bar cart turned craft station

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When it comes to storage options IKEA always seems to have an answer, and this idea using an IKEA RÅSKOG Utility Cart for arts and crafts is genius in our eyes! Image credit: Suburble

8. Barbie doll storage

160226 bedroomhacks8

Forget using a shoe hanger for shoes, it’s the perfect storage for Barbie and her wardrobe! Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

9. Repurpose an old toolbox

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Perhaps Dad might have an old toolbox he’d be willing to give up? Tool drawers are a great place for storing LEGO, games, or all of those party bag remnants! Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens

10. Stuffed animal chair

160226 bedroomhacks10

Forget adding the beans to your beanbag, stuff it with soft toys instead! Image credit: Thread Riding Hood

Do you have a clever storage solution to share?

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