The power of discovery: Active thinking

07 February 2017

The 21st Century with its ever-increasing global connections presents a world of constant discovery. The challenge is not to teach children what we already know, but to teach children to discover for themselves.

At Sunshine Coast Grammar School, teachers support the active power of discovery through its understanding of young learners as active agents who experiment with their bodies, emotions and intellects.

Knowing how to nurture and guide a student’s curiosity is the gift of all great teachers.

At Grammar teachers do this by encouraging students to investigate and discover for themselves, posing questions rather than giving answers and by challenging them to push their thinking deeper and looking further.

Curiosity is the ability to ask questions and explore how the world works and Grammar is passionate about bringing out this ability in its students as key tool for learning. Exploration and discovery develops spontaneously in young children, and they mature into sophisticated skills seen in confident adults and trained scientists. Grammar’s challenge is to foster the natural inquisitive nature of its students by supporting their need to construct their own knowledge as they interact within their learning environment.

It fosters learning environments that celebrate mistakes, embrace risks and give students the freedom to explore, which enables them to discover what others could not.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School has built a platform for future learning that encourages students to explore, discover and create their own educational journey.

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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City

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