WELLBEING: 4 ways to increase your child’s self-confidence to beat bullies

12 April 2016
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One of a parent’s fears is that their child will be bullied at school, so here’s how to help your child stand tall.

The characteristics that allow a child to be accepted in one situation may make them the subject of bullying in another.

For example, a smart, child may be accepted by his peers in one class, and then be bullied by another group for being too smart; or a child who isn’t clever is bullied for being behind in class, but is accepted by another group because of this trait.

It is therefore difficult to predict what factors may contribute to a child being bullied, but the more self-esteem and confidence a child has, the more resilience they will have if a bullying situation arises.

Here are a few suggestions to help raise your child’s confidence:

1. Raise your child’s belief in themselves

Ask you child to say the below affirmations, morning and night. They can copy the affirmations on to pretty paper with coloured pens and then stick them by their beds or on the bathroom mirror if they like.

I am confident in who I am.
I accept the group and the group accepts me.
I forgive others as I forgive myself.

2. Help your child understand

Help your child understand that a child (or adult) doing bullying is unhappy and damaged and insecure, and that they must tell an adult if they feel any kind of bullying behaviour has occurred.

3. Ensure supervision of your child

Ensure supervision of your child where possible – by yourself, a teacher or another adult, or even an older child. Encourage your child to communicate to people where any bullying might be taking place, so others are aware to be on the lookout for bullying behaviour.

4. Boost your child’s diet

What your child eats can affect their mood. Protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, chicken and eggs, and serotonin-rich foods such as turkey and dark chocolate help lift mood and promote self-confidence. What about a turkey sandwich and chunk of dark chocolate in their lunch box?

Supporting your child holistically and working with other members of their community can help prevent and discourage bullying behaviours.

Has your child been bullied? What worked for you?

For more news, have a look at the new technology set to change cyber bullying and how to conquer your child’s fears.

Written by

Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth Hughes is the founder of Your Body Has The Answer Pty Ltd and was Head of Progressive Kinesiology in the United Kingdom. She graduated from Warwick University in England, with a B.A. Honours degree in Psychology and Education. As well as running a busy private health centre, Elizabeth teaches the nationally recognised Diploma of Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Reflexology and Nutrition. She is an Advanced Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, has studied Craniosacral Therapy and Aromatic Medicine. She is also the author of the comprehensive self help series of books YOUR BODY HAS THE ANSWER and YOUR CHILD’S BODY HAS THE ANSWER, which serve as a guide to the most common medical conditions and how to treat them naturally. www.yourbodyhastheanswer.com

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