WELLBEING: Simple restorative yoga for screen-addicted teens

We all know how addictive spending time on devices can be, and how it can affect sleep, but what about posture? Here’s a super-easy pose to straighten out the spine of any screen-addicted teen!


TEENS: 4 facts you NEED to know about Snapchat

Snapchat? What is that?! Here’s all you need to know about the app that your kids are asking for.

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PARENTING: 5 ways to reduce your child’s reliance on technology

Born into a world of tech, it’s so easy for our kids to rely on it a little too much. Here’s how you can help your young ones find a balance between technology and the real world.


TEENS: The top 5 signs of anxiety in young people

With the recent figures of anxiety in young people shocking the nation, here are the top 5 signs and symptoms to look out for.


TEENS: Rites of passage

Challenge, adventure, celebration. A right of passage is a chance for a teen to step outside the hustle-and-bustle of life and discover their spirit.

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PARENTING: 15 VITAL tips for communicating with kids

Communicating with kids can often be a struggle (especially teenagers!). Here are our 15 top ways to break down the barriers.


PARENTING: Feed, play, listen, love: 4 tips for happy teenagers

The teenage years are often the most feared of any parenting stage (often with good reason!), so how can you be there for your teen to give them what they need?


Leaving the nest

Smooth your teen’s transition from home to the outside world with this run-down on the practical life skills they’ll need to unpack in their own place.


A Staycation with Tweens and Teens

Despite what your teens and tweens think, not everyone goes on a summer holiday each year. To give them a holiday to remember (and stop them from driving you crazy!), plan a week of activities that...


TEENS: Teens in the Workforce

With youth unemployment at 14% and a changing job market, what skills do modern teens need to get a job and how can parents help?

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Powerful Words to Build Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

Being a teenager in today’s society is like living in a glass bowl. Here are 5 powerful self-esteem boosters to share with your teen that will last a lifetime.


Breaking Down Barriers: Sex and Drugs

How to break the taboos and keep up open communication with teenagers about sex, alcohol and other drugs