BABIES: 8 reasons that reusable 
swim nappies RULE!

28 August 2018

Despite being in the depths of winter, the idyllic Queensland climate means that our kids are swimming all year round. For those with kids under three years old, this means a reliable swim nappy is a staple in any swim bag. Though disposable swim nappies were typically viewed as the easier choice, many parents are ditching the disposables with public pools also now following suit – requesting parents make the move towards reusable swim nappies rather than disposables. Rosemary Covey from Cottontail Nappy Service explains why…


Though there is the upfront cost of buying the nappies, many reusable swim nappies are ‘one size fits all’ and can grow with your child. So, you only need to buy two or three (dependent on how often you swim) and they will see you through a baby’s early years.


Disposables are sized simply as Small, Medium and Large, whereas there are many adjustments you can make with the snaps on reusables around baby’s tummy and legs to ensure a super-snug fit on the whole nappy.


Disposables absorb water making them a lot heavier in the water for baby, whereas reusables swim nappies are very thin and light and non-absorbent, meaning they keep their shape in the water. Also, the fabric on reusables can be a lot softer on a baby’s skin than the scratchiness of disposables.

Leak proof

Snug fit is the most important part of a swim nappy, as its key purpose is to hold and contain solid matter; one thing nobody wants to see in a public pool is an escaped #2! Because disposables swell and absorb some water, this leads to them sagging and no longer being leak proof.


To avoid rashes and ensure they don’t leak, disposables need to be changed as and when they become heavy. For a day at the beach this can mean multiple changes. A reusable only needs changing when a baby has a soiled nappy.

Ease of use

Disposables are pulled on and off like underwear, which can make them pretty darn difficult to change on a wriggly toddler. Whereas the snaps on reusables mean they can changed standing or lying down. When you have a wet, squirmy (soiled) baby, an easy-to-remove nappy is essential!

Make a statement

With so many fab designs, bold colours and super-cute patterns, a reusable nappy is becoming so much more than a functional item. Bubbas can now splash out in style.

The environment

Above all else, reusable swim nappies are eco-friendly. No more throwing disposable nappies into landfill. Simply wash, and wear again… and again… and again.

Cottontail Laundry Service provides a reusable modern cloth nappy laundry service to parents and child care centres. 
Their weekly service kits also include 3 x complimentary swim nappies throughout the summer. 

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