PREGNANCY: Private pregnancy care now more accessible

11 March 2019

Having a baby is a very special experience and patients value the benefits of private obstetric care, 
a longer postnatal private hospital stay 
and breastfeeding support following birth. 
But choosing whether to go public or 
private can sometimes be influenced by 
out of pocket expenses. 

Sunshine Obstetrics is a new practice offering patients a shared model of care by a team of experienced obstetricians and midwives. The total out of pocket cost for the entire private antenatal and postnatal visits is $990, this includes the planning and management fee.

The new model of private obstetric care has been started by three of the Coast’s trusted and respected private Obstetricians, Drs James Orford, Kirsten Morrow and George Bogiatzis. The three specialists with the support of a team of midwives work in collaboration throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. All births are at Buderim Private Hospital.

“The total out 
of pocket cost for the entire private antenatal and postnatal visits is $990”

“We do things a little differently at Sunshine Obstetrics – but exceptional care is not compromised! Our shared care model allows us to make the costs of private pregnancy care affordable 
for patients,” comments 
co-owner Dr Kirsten Morrow.

The $990 out of pocket is based on patients who are eligible to Medicare and have private health insurance. The practice offers a bulked billed initial consultation with a midwife if you would like to learn more about Sunshine Obstetrics private pregnancy care services.

For more information, head to, Facebook 
@sunshineobstetrics, or call (07) 5391 4088.

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