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BABIES: First-time dads ‘need more help’

A new Flinders University study has found that new fathers need more support in their life-changing role.

Pregnancy & Babies

BABIES: The benefits of black and white books for babies

Ever wondered why baby books are often black and white? Here's why...

Pregnancy & Babies

FINANCES: 6 tips to take care of your money whilst on maternity leave

Worrying how to manage your finances during maternity leave? Here's some great tips to keep it stress free so you can focus on your little one.

Pregnancy & Babies

BIRTH: What is a Doula and do I need one?

Looking for a little extra support in the labour room? A doula might be able to help.

Pregnancy & Babies

PREGNANCY: Is pregnancy glow a myth?

Not feeling the pregnancy glow? Here's some great tips to bring the sparkle back to your pregnancy...

Pregnancy & Babies

PREGNANCY: 5 simple tips for a (mostly) comfortable pregnancy

Feeling the discomfort of pregnancy? Get your glow on with these great tips for a comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Babies

BABIES: A simple look at introducing solids

How do you introduce your baby to solids?

Pregnancy & Babies

Top Tips for Packing Your Hospital Bag

Waiting for your water to break and baby to arrive is one of the most exciting (and terrifying) time for an expecting mother. Tiba + Marl Founders Anna Tizard and Lydia Barron provide a...

Pregnancy & Babies

PREGNANCY: The free resource all expecting mums should know about

Are you a new mum or pregnant? COPE has created a free resource to support you when you need it most.

Life Stories

LOCAL LIFE: The power of the Playgroup

The early childhood years can be an incredibly isolating time, when many new mums struggle for connection and understanding. We chat to Ursula Smith, coordinator of mothers’ programs at Lifepointe...

Parenting Files

EARLY LEARNING: Sensory play and its importance in early learning

As adults, we rely on our senses to help us make decisions thousands of times a day, often without realising. For children, these skills are best learnt through play.

Pregnancy & Babies

BABIES: 3D/4D baby ultrasounds -
 are they safe?

3D/4D elective, or non-diagnostic baby ultrasounds, are growing in popularity. Though they are a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet their baby, are they safe?