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11 November 2018

Summer is just around the corner and we all know how easy it is to ‘heat’ up. Keeping yourself and your kids cool can be challenging enough but keeping your pup cool in the summer, especially if you live in the hot areas of Australia, can prove to be a real struggle. Teaching your kids about keeping their furry friends cool over the summer is vital.

PAWDinkum know the ins and outs of a pooch and have put together their top tips on looking after your dogs with these tips below.

1. The number one tip: Water! Water! Water!

2. Make sure your pup has easy access to fresh clean drinking water, it’s a good idea to have a couple of sturdy deep bowls filled with water, just in case one gets knocked over. Keep your dog well hydrated when the temperatures start to soar.

3. Drop a handful of ice blocks into their water bowl too, to keep the water cool.

4. Freezing some slices of watermelon, skin removed is a refreshing treat, along with frozen blueberries, not to mention full of antioxidants.

5. Bones given straight from the freezer are also a welcome icy treat to slowly gnaw away on, as long as they don’t demolish too quickly, as they can sometimes splinter.

6. If you are feeling hot, chances are, your dog is too. Bring your dog inside, to rest near a fan or under the air con, if it is cooler than the outside temperature. Dogs love to sprawl on a cool surface, like tiles, stone or floor boards.

7. If your dog is outside when it’s hot, make sure there is some shady areas for your dog to rest. Keep an eye on how the sun moves during the course of the day, string up a tarp so that there is always a shady spot to shelter under if needed.

8. Take a dip! A shallow paddling pool is nice to cool off in, you can always add a tablespoon of magnesium salts for added healing benefits to their joints.

9. Make it a game! Some dogs thoroughly enjoy being squirted with the hose too to cool off.

10. Avoid walking in the middle of the day, try and walk early to exercise your dog before the sun gets too hot or in the cooler part of the evening after the sun goes down. If you are out for long walk, remember to take a water bottle, or collapsible water bowl so you can all be kept hydrated.
11. If possible avoid walking on hot asphalt in the middle of the day, if it burns your feet, it means it’s burning their paws too. Paws can easily get burnt.

12. A soothing paw balm is wonderful to rub into dry cracked paws.

13. NEVER leave your dog in the car in warmer weather, especially with the windows closed. Never tie them up outside in the middle of the day.

14. Get groomed! Time to get rid of all that untidy hair, make sure your dog’s grooming is up to date, to keep them feeling cool. Even brushing away matted hair keeps the air flow cooler for your pup!


By Fiona Rigg, Founder - PAWDinkinum

Written by

Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City
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