WELLBEING: Positive mornings with the Easy Mindset Reset

29 July 2018

Mornings can be hectic, especially if you have small children. All too often kids need reminding of the same things day after day and it can become frustrating to say the least! Once you have had enough your calm voice can quickly turn into yelling, especially if your child is still not listening. A child can become upset or angry when they are yelled at and this can set the tone for the whole day.

Depending on the emotion your child is holding onto, he or she could lash out at teachers or other children at school, be angry at everything or even cry over the smallest things. A child could be fearful all day thinking they might get into trouble when they get home. Sometimes in the morning rush we might not see how our child has reacted to our frustration, and so we won’t know how they are feeling once the school day has started.

Don't fret... there is hope! The main thing you need to know for both yourself and your child, is that emotion is simply energy-in-motion (e-motion).

You can teach your child a simple mindset technique, I call it the Minute Mindset Reset. This technique is so easy you can do it in less than a minute.

It will only take a few times before your child can do this on their own. Talk your child through the following process.

  • Ask your child to imagine a ball between their hands. The ball can be as big or small as they like.
  • Ask your child to close their eyes and ask for the energy of positivity into their ball. Your child can repeat this two or three times.
  • Ask your child what they think the positive energy in their ball looks like. I have had children describe their ball filled with the stars and planets, rainbows and flowers and even race cars! Their imagination is coming through which is exactly what we want.
  • Ask your child to describe the emotion they are feeling. If they are quite young and can’t name the emotions, you can be suggestive until you say an emotion which resonates with them.
  • Once the emotion has been identified, sadness, fear, anger, anxiousness just to name a few, ask your child to say out aloud “please remove the energy of (the emotion) from my body and into my ball”. Ask the child to run the ball from their toes all the way up to their head. Your child can repeat this step as many times as takes for them to feel like the emotion has left their body.
  • Once your child is happy the emotion has gone from their body, tell them to throw the ball into the sky. Throw it up really hard so all the negative emotion (energy) is gone into the sky.
  • Once they have thrown their negative emotion into the sky, ask your child which positive emotion they would like to replace it with. You can be suggestive if they need some guidance.
  • Once they resonate with an emotion, for example joy, simply ask them to imagine another ball between their hands and say “please bring the energy of joy into my ball”. Again, they can say this as many times as feels right for them.
  • Once your child has filled their ball with joy, ask them to put the ball over their head, like a helmet, and imagine the energy of joy filling up their body. They can count to ten if they like.
  • Ask your child how they are feeling and if there is any other negative emotion they would like to get clear out of their body. If they are happy, they are ready to start to start the school day.

I have taught many families the Minute Mindset Reset technique and it works wonders! I use this technique with my three children every day. We may clear as little as one emotion or as many and three emotions in one go. Exam time is great to use the Minute Mindset Reset technique.

The Minute Mindset Reset is not only for children, adults can use this too – it’s great when you’re feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Go through the above steps until you feel like you are in a better space.

Written by

Amardy Baucke / Deputy Editor

Amardy is a Family and Children's Mindset Coach, and Deputy Editor for Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City. Her goal is to inspire people to live a healthy wholesome lifestyle.

Living on the sunny Gold Coast Amardy is a dedicated wife and mother of three beautiful children. amardy.com

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