WELLBEING: Simple yoga poses for kids

11 June 2018

Children enjoy practicing yoga poses and the feeling of connection that yoga helps to create, just like we do!

Yoga and mindfulness can help children release feelings of frustration and anxiety as well as develop skills to cope with stressful situations, and practicing yoga together is a great way to connect as a family. It’s important to make the sessions really interactive and not too long. Even just five minutes a day can make a very big impact in a child’s overall outlook and healthy development.

Tree Pose

yoga tree pose

Tree Pose is a wonderful pose to practice together. In addition to promoting balance, it also encourages strengthening family bonds. Standing side-by-side holding hands, stand on one foot and place the other foot on any part of the opposite leg. It’s even more empowering to repeat the affirmation, ‘I am Strong like a Tree’.


Gratitude Meditation

yoga gratitude meditation

Planting the seeds of gratitude encourages our youngsters to think on a more global scale. Sit with your legs crossed (you can choose to hold hands or sit with hands on knees, palms facing up) and ask your youngster to think of one thing that they are grateful or happy for! They may wish to share this with you or keep it to themselves, but many will wish to share it!

You can take this mindful exercise one step further by asking them to create a piece of artwork to go with it.


Rainbow Pose

yoga rainbow pose

We can create a rainbow with our bodies! Sit on the floor facing your partner with legs out straight in front of you, feet touching your partners. Hold hands and lift your legs up together in the sky. Not only does this pose feel great, but it also reinforces cooperation and focus!

From Folk Yoga Studio - who offer a range of classes, workshops and events for all ages, based on movement, creativity, mindfulness and family bonding. 

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