RECIPE: Nutella Martini… YUMMO!

14 December 2019

Wow! Nutella and alcohol. A match made in heaven! Indulge in the silly season, or serve this up to your guests over Christmas and you’ll be the host(ess) with the most(ess)!


  • 60ml chocolate Baileys
  • 60ml vanilla Vodka
  • 1 tbsp of Nutella
  • Ice


  1. Take a large martini glass and dip the top in Nutella (try spreading some onto a large plate to make dipping easier!)
  2. You can add sprinkles to the dipped glass top if you like (after dipping in Nutella, dip in a plate of sprinkles so they stick to the rim).
  3. Put alcohol, Nutella and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into glass. Easy!

*For an alcohol-free version, substitute the Baileys and Vodka for plain or flavoured milk.

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Courtesy of New Idea Food

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Kids on the Coast/Kids in the City
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