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23 February 2018

No, I’m not going to rattle off the names of some lavish resorts or day spas or tell you to go and get a massage because you’re a stressed mum; often that’s just not realistic. But what I am going to suggest to conquer the stress of motherhood, to give mums the bit of time out they need, is something a whole lot more underrated, even I wondered why I hadn’t gone there more often. The library!

Whether you love books and consider yourself a bookworm or not, libraries have so much to offer mums who need to escape.  Best of all, unlike a resort or day spa, a library costs nothing, and you can go as often as you like!

Let’s take a look at all the things you can do at a library to take those stress levels down a notch and clear your head, ready to face another day of motherhood.

The library: the ultimate escape for a stressed mum

Digital downloads

There’s nothing like escaping with your favourite magazine, chilling out to your favourite music or being completely engrossed in a good movie, eBook or Audiobook to cure stress. And we all know that this is only ever successful without kids.

Sunshine Coast Libraries have all these things and more;

  • Digital Magazines - download the latest issue of your favourites straight to your device
  • Music - Freegal give every library member access to 3 hours of streaming and five free tracks to download each week from the Sony catalogue.
  • Movies - Art films, documentaries and independent films are available to stream for free on any device.
  • eBooks and eAudio books are available to download

Find a quiet spot in the library, download and tune out for a while. Bliss!

stressed mum


Being constantly busy and juggling kids can be enough to stress out any mum and it usually means that doing things for yourself is put on the backburner, like learning a new skill. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, research your family ancestry or improve your photography skills. You can do all of this at the library in your own time, without the distraction of kids. Best of all, it’ll make you feel great because you’re finally dedicating time to yourself and your interests. View the Sunshine Coast Libraries events calendar here.

Relaxation skills

Libraries have certainly come a long way and provide so many opportunities for frazzled mums to centre themselves, beyond reading good books. Two highly beneficial courses offered by Sunshine Coast Libraries are Mindfulness and Feng Shui.

In the mindfulness course, Mindful practitioner, Corey Jackson, shows participants simple techniques to strengthen the mind and remove obstacles that can affect wellbeing; a perfect way for mums to manage the symptoms of stress.

Winnie Kaur delivers Feng Shui at numerous Sunshine Coast Libraries, focusing on Lillian Too Feng Shui principles. The focus of the course is to harmonise everyone with the surrounding environment. From this course, you learn numerology, Chinese zodiac, birthstones and symbols as well as ways to improve harmony and energy levels in your home. This is another perfect fit for mums with negative energy hanging around the place.

Enjoy a night out

You’d have to agree that, as a mum, having a night out with friends and sans kids is one of the ultimate stress relievers. But you’re probably wondering, what on earth does a library have to do with that? Well, Sunshine Coast Libraries are known for having large-scale author events.

One of the last author events was to meet Jelena Dokic and hear her talk book release Unbreakable. The event included a book signing session, light refreshments and a cash bar. See, an awesome night out for mums, right?

Preservation Stations

In March 2018, Sunshine Coast Libraries are rolling out Preservation Stations that allow people to come in and preserve their old photos, slides, cassettes or records. How many times have you said to yourself, ‘I really need to work on those photos before I forget about them.’ Well, this is the perfect opportunity to do it, without distraction and you can learn a thing or two while you do it. Simply visit the events page to find out when your local Sunshine Coast Library is holding a preservation event.

Who knew a library could be the ultimate escape for a stressed mum in need of a break? Best of all, you don’t need to go into detail about what you’re doing, just say, you’re going to the library!

To find out what’s happening at a local Sunshine Coast Library near you visit

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Eva Lewis

Eva is a digital content expert who runs a successful women's lifestyle blog - The Multitasking Woman. Eva is an experienced social media manager, digital consultant, article writer and copywriter and has written for various publications and business websites over the years.  When Eva doesn't have her head in the digital space, she enjoys spending time with her husband, six year old son and one year old daughter, ploughing through her current favourite books in the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, gardening and chatting with her chooks. 

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