The WEIRDEST pet names of 2016 (yes, Lord Darth Vader really IS a cat)

10 January 2017
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What do Princess Marshmallow, Roxy RottenBottom and Lord Darth Vader have in common? They are just some of the more unusual pet names chosen by their owners last year.

Pet service company Bow Wow Meow has revealed the weird and wacky names it has been asked to provide a pet tag for – and some of them are corkers!

The top 10 cat and dog names of 2016 are a lovely mix of the usual suspects…


Top 10 names for girls

1. Cleo

2. Bella

3. Luna

4. Molly

5. Coco

6. Lily

7. Daisy

8. Lucy

9. Lulu

10. Millie

Top 10 names for boys

1. Charlie

2. Oscar

3. Leo

4. Max

5. Ollie

6. Milo

7. Toby

8. Jasper

9. Shadow

10. Simba


Top 10 names for girls

1. Bella

2. Ruby

3. Molly

4. Lucy

5. Coco

6. Rosie

7. Daisy

8. Lola

9. Tilly

10. Bonnie

Top 10 names for boys

1. Charlie

2. Buddy

3. Max

4. Archie

5. Oscar

6. Toby

7. Bailey

8. Frankie

9. Ollie

10. Jack

However, some of the other names chosen for a beloved pet are Just. Plain. Weird.

Some poor kitties are walking around with names such as Mr Darcy Pumpkin, Toothless (the mind boggles…), Burger, Kanye, Lord Darth Vader, Mr Schnitzel, Princess Marshmallow and Qantas (great airline, but really?!)

And for the little pooches we have Peanut Butter, Teddy Bear Biscuit, Albert Pamplemousse, Apricot Strudel, Baron Von Thumper (this person obviously wanted a rabbit instead), Basil Fawlty, Kransky, Roxy RottenBottom (hopefully it doesn’t live up to its name), Sir Benedict Cumberbatch, Telly-Beyoncé (?!), Toffee Towers, Tonks the Beautiful Lady, Uggboot and Zac Efron (hmmm). At least there is some comfort knowing that their owner will probably have to use their name in a crowded dog park every now and then.

If you need a name for your new pet and don’t know where to start, try Bow Wow Meow’s handy Pet Name Finder. Just, please… not Lord Darth Vader!

Do you have an unusual name for your pet? Do share!

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