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07 December 2018
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Low self-esteem is something that can affect us all. The problem begins when this issue takes full control over our lives. This can lead to various other problems, both mental and physical, such as anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, overachieving and exhaustion. Sound familiar? Take a deep breath and pause for moment to take in these 10 ways to with low self-esteem.

Develop awareness

When it comes to developing awareness, it is important to realize exactly what you are doing to yourself - what your thoughts do to your body and mind. Once you realize that you are the only person stopping you from becoming your true confident self, you will find it easier to overcome any obstacles that life presents you with.

Write in a journal

This might sound silly, but writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal can really help, especially if you don’t feel like talking to other people about things that bother you. Think of these entries as messages to yourself, from yourself. As time passes by, and you read your old entries, you might be able to spot some obvious negative patterns and choices in your life and take the first step to change them.

Learn to say no. Say what you mean and mean what you say

There is nothing wrong in saying no when you really don’t want to do something. Remember, you are not anyone’s toy. You have your own right to like, dislike and want something. Forget about lying. No one benefits from lies (including you) when you lie in order to put the entire burden on you. If someone doesn’t like you because of this, it’s not the end of the world! There are plenty other people who might fall in love with your true personality.

Show compassion toward yourself

You shouldn’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. No one should. So cut yourself some slack and stop blaming yourself for everything. If you really do your best to work and be gentle and kind towards others, you deserve the same treatment.

Take responsibility for your actions

Stop living in fear. If you happen to make a mistake, live up to it and take responsibility. Running away only wears out your shoes and if you avoid facing the issue you cannot make amends and do things properly next time around.

Help others

Escaping the low self-esteem and starting to treat yourself right doesn’t mean that you should be insensitive towards other people’s problems. If you can help someone, do it. You will feel better once you realise how little it takes to brighten someone’s day sometimes.

Stay connected to yourself

Find the time in your day for yourself only. Think deeply about things that make you happy and fulfilled. Then start doing those things. Be it drawing, reading, walking, listening to music. always make sure to listen to your own desires.

Participate in your own life

Real life is not a movie or a fairy tale, and things will not happen unless you make them happen. You are the change that you are longing to occur. There is no point in waiting for a miracle while doing nothing and watching the days go by. You have to pave your new path and no one else can do it for you.

Exercise and try to stay healthy and fit

Exercising doesn’t only improve your general health and makes you fit, but it also fills you up with energy and helps release stress and harmful toxins. Moreover, exercising and paying attention to how you look is another part of doing something for yourself. Even a small thing like that can greatly affect our self-esteem.

Let go

If you can do something about it, why worry? If you can’t do something about it, again, why worry? Letting go is never easy, but if you try hard enough and feel the liberating sensation the first time you manage to break free from whatever’s binding you, you’ll never look back.

Start changing small things. Baby steps work the best when you need (and want) to reach and become one with your true self. Transformation of your core beliefs doesn’t happen overnight so make sure to remind yourself not to give up. Flowers never bend with a rainfall.

Claire Adams is a new age hedonist who enjoys life to the fullest. You can find her online writing and giving tips about health, lifestyle, fashion and travel experience. Her day begins with, “Live, love & laugh.”

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