HOTA launches home theatre experience for families

HOTA, Home of the Arts has today launched a new audio-led theatre experience, Mountain Goat Mountain, for families across the Gold Coast and beyond, developed during isolation by Australian company, Threshold.

The unique theatre experience takes families with young children on an interactive journey, through a series of activities that help families set up and step into their own magical, imaginative world.

Guided by a narrative soundscape, families will embark on the 45-minute theatrical experience using only a charged audio device, bed sheet, a piece of blank paper and pencils, pens or textas.

Participants will crawl through tunnels, cross lava pits and swim through underwater caves, all without leaving home!

home theatre for families from HOTA

Co-creator, Sarah Lockwood, said Mountain Goat Mountain is for families with young children (5+) who enjoy adventure and are missing going to the theatre, or to their special magical place.

“It’s for families needing a break from monotony and who are looking for a sense of occasion and a way to celebrate each other and this time together,” says Lockwood.

“Over many years I’ve been working with members of this creative team to create invitational spaces that encourage relationships to grow. When theatres started shutting down, we realised that we had a unique offering.”

Co-creator, Tahli Corin, expressed that as artists who live regionally and are raising small children, they had been thinking about how to bring theatres into homes for some time.

“Threshold launched in June last year, so we were already interested in how we could work to create theatre in people’s homes before the pandemic hit and made it a necessity,” says Corin.

“There’s a lot of commentary right now about what the world will be like post coronavirus, and Mountain Goat Mountain is an opportunity to imagine and explore a new world together.”

home theatre experience for families

Audiences can access Mountain Goat Mountain via the HOTA website from 12.00pm on Thursday 14 May.

Tickets: $12.95 for a 30 days’ access family pass with all funds going to Threshold and the artists who created the work. More information at

Age range: Suitable for ages 5+

How many can play?
Created for family units of any size. Minimum – a grown up and a small person.

How long does it take?
Around 45 minutes, about as long as a show at the theatre!

What do you need for this journey?
A charged audio device (computer, phone of tablet), a bed sheet (the bigger the better), a piece of blank paper (A4 will do) and your favourite pencils, pens or textas.

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