River Fire 2019 Colouring Sheet

Anyone else super excited for the spectacle of River Fire 2019?

To get kids set to sparkle, we've got this FAB colouring sheet celebrating the wonderful River Fire, thanks to Brisbane Festival.

Need some time out? Pour a cuppa and enjoy a creative break with the little ones too!

Great Barrier Reef Diorama

In celebration of World Environment Day, thanks to Bostik here is a fun craft project to build a Great Barrier Reef Diorama.

For more fun and kid-friendly craft inspirations and ideas please visit https://www.bostik.com/ideasthatstick/


Easter Bunny Outfit

Easter is the perfect egg-scuse for some craft!

Need some inspiration? This cute Easter Bunny dress-up craft is easy for the kids to do and is sure to get them egg-cited about the visit from the big bunnny :)

For more fun and kid-friendly craft inspirations and ideas please visit - https://www.bostik.com/ideasthatstick/

Easter Basket Craft Project

Easter is just around the corner, so that means it's Easter craft time!

If you are like me and have zero craft capabilities, Bostik has come to the rescue with this great easy-to-follow Easter Basket project sheet.

For more fun and kid-friendly craft inspirations and ideas please visit - https://www.bostik.com/ideasthatstick/

Dinosaur Time Machine Colouring Sheet

Love dinosaurs?

Brace yourself and prepare to journey back in time when Dinosaur Time Machine roars into Brisbane Powerhouse from April 9-12.

Fusing science, circus, puppetry and fun, Dinosaur Time Machine returns to entertain (and sneakily educate!) children during the Easter school holidays.

Guided by two scientists, the creative and imaginative performance is peppered with up-to-date discoveries and scientific facts that transport audiences of all ages back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Children can follow the production’s simple narrative and be swept away by its imaginative play while their parents and grandparents will also delight in its smart delivery and creative visuals.
Using imaginative play to communicate the story, performers turn boxes into time machines, jackets into steering wheels and their own hands into dinosaurs.

To help you get your Dino-roar soaring, we've got this fab colouring sheet to share!

Little Acts of Kindness Christmas

24 acts of Christmas kindness that you and your family can do together. Download and print out the poster to share the kindness with those around you this Christmas.

Peppa Pig Halloween activity sheets


Get into the Halloween mood with these super-cute downloadable Peppa Pig Halloween Activity sheets.

Pop the kettle on and you might just get to enjoy a hot cup of tea out them too!

Mother's Day Sunshine Card

Here's a great (and super-easy) craft project for the kids to make the perfect card for Mum this Mother's Day.

Maybe Dad can help them create, whilst Mum puts her feet up!

Start your own Bucket Garden!

Looking for a fun (and super-easy) gardening activity to do with the kids?

Why not head out into the garden and make one of these cute bucket gardens together?

You can grow flowers, herbs or veggies in your own decorated bucket.

Full instructions in this handy downloadable activity sheet!

For more great activities, head to the Living Fundraisers website.

Back to School Checklist

Back to school can be a busy time of excitement and nerves. Don't miss a thing and be totally school ready with our Back to School Checklist!

Gumboot Planters

Put the kids' old gumboots to use with these super-cut recycled gumboot planters, from Living Fundraisers. The little ones will love to see their old boots being used to grow something new and they add a fab splash of colour to any garden or balcony!

Screen Time Checklist

Are you looking to set some screen time rules in your household? Finding screen battles are sucking up your energy and time? Never fear, our screen time checklist printable is here! This handy screen time printable will help you enforce some screen time rules for before and after school and on weekends and holidays - all in a handy chart and checklist style printable that can be printed, laminated and pinned on your fridge or noticeboard!

Mother's Day Card, Tags & Poster

Make Mum feel special this Mother's Day. Print out these beautiful cards, gift tags and poster, perfect to print out and put in a lovely frame.. Attach the tags to a plant, gift or even breakfast in bed. And don't forget to tell Mum how much you love her.

PJ Masks activity sheets

Calling all PJ Masks Fans! Follow in the footsteps of Connor, Amaya and Greg as they transform into their superhero alter egos, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko with these fun colouring and activity sheets!

Easter Egg Hunt

Set up an Easter egg hunt with a difference for your kids this Easter with our printable cards. You could do this on Easter morning or as a fun activity (with little eggs) leading up to Easter. We’ve put together two Easter egg hunts based on things that most people will have in their house. Each set has nine cards, along with an instruction sheet to tell you where to place each card.

Peppa Pig Easter activity sheets

Have fun with these Peppa Pig Easter activity sheets including colouring in and a spot the difference game. Great activities to help keep kids entertained over the Easter break!

Recycled Paper Bowl

Many of us nurture creative ambitions and relish the opportunity to flex our crafty muscles. It’s not only fun, but also a perfect excuse to slow down and relax. However, how many of us actually get making?

This simple project from XOXkit is a great way to get started, turning your old magazines or newspapers into a fab bowl. It’s not too tricky, so the kids can do it too!

Trolls Colouring Sheets

The incredibly popular Trolls movie is the talk of the playground at the moment. From the creators of Shrek, the funny, irreverent comedy from the creators of Shrek tells of the search for happiness, and just how far some will go to get it.

Tin Can Plant Pots

Kids love to get outdoors and into the garden. These gorgeous recycled tin can plant pots are the perfect excuse to get digging, and the result will brighten up any garden or windowsill!

Simple to make and a great weekend activity for the kids, you never know, you might even get chance to enjoy a cuppa whilst they create!


To help you indicate if Trick or Treaters are welcome at your house, or if you wish not to be disturbed, the Queensland Police have created posters to be displayed at your doorstep or letterbox.

If you do not wish to participate, download and print this 'No thanks' poster.

Poster credit: Queensland Police

Kids Travel Activities

Banish car travel boredom with this downloadable sheet of travel activities and games.

Worm Farm Activity Sheet

Did you know a worm can eat its own weight in food every day?

Squiggly and wriggly, worm farms are a great introduction to recycling and sustainable gardening for kids.

And thanks to the lovely people at Living Fundraisers, we have a super-awesome downloadable activity sheet, showing you exactly how to set one up!

Arkadia Paper Doll

This Arkadia paper doll is creative, fun and simple. Make it at home!

If your little ones loves a bit of art and craft, they will love making this Arkadia paper doll. Her name is ‘Eveline’!

Ben & Holly Activity Sheets

If your tot loves Ben & Holly, they will adore these fun downloadable activity sheets!

Hands up if you love a bit of Ben & Holly?! WE DO!

So why not download these fab activity sheets for a spot of creative fun with your little one. Enjoy!

PJ Masks

If your little one loves dressing up, he’ll love turning into a PJ Masks character – all you need is a pair of scissors and some imagination!

Peppa Pig Safari Activity Sheets

Looking for some crafty fun your little one will love? Look no further with these downloadable Peppa Pig activity sheets!

What pre-schooler doesn’t love a bit of craft and a bit of Peppa Pig?! And so we bring you these fab activity sheets for your tot to enjoy (with a little help from mama). Have fun!

Open Day Questions Checklist

School open days provide a wonderful opportunity to see your child’s potential new school in action, so what should you be asking? Here is a checklist of questions to ask on the day.

Peppa Pig Christmas Printable Activities

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your bambinos entertained, download our FREE Peppa Pig Christmas activities here!

Peppa Pig Letter to Santa template

If your little ones are keen to write to Santa this Christmas, download our free printable Peppa Pig Santa letter template here!

Fermented Food Facts Infographic

Use this handy infographic to learn more about fermented foods and how you can incorporate them into yours and your family’s diet.

Spring Colouring

Spring has sprung and sunny days have begun. Get out your pencils and while away the day colouring in.

Meal Planner

Like most great things in life, meal plans need a little work. First and foremost is the desire to do it and belief that it will work. Get the family involved, and explain that things are going to be a little more structured in the kitchen and shopping department from now on. To get started, print out our meal planner, grab some cookbooks or websites and a pen.

Bored Jar

Make a 'Bored Jar' and never have bored kids again. Print out this list on plain or coloured paper or a mixture of both. Cut out the activities, fold or wrap each activity around a pencil to curl the paper, then place into a jar. Add an interesting label or tag to the jar. Whenever anyone says 'I'm bored' they pull out an activity to inspire.

Monster Spray

Do you have a child who is afraid of monsters at bedtime? Mix up a bottle of monster spray! Print out our label, cut and attach to an empty spray bottle. Add water and an essential oil such as soothing lavendar. Spray around their bedroom at bedtime or whenever monsters strike. It's an easy and effective way to help young children conquer their night-time fears.

Ultimate Kids Party Planner

Party day is great fun for the party kids…but party planning can be a whole lot of fun days for you. Whether you are an event planning goddess or would prefer to run a marathon than a party, download our complete party countdown timeline and checklist. For more party ideas download our Kids Party eGuide.

50 fun activities for spring

50 fun ideas to keep kids busy during spring. Download, print and put on your fridge. Roll down a grassy hill, fly a kite, plant a tree or blow bubbles. Get out with your family and enjoy the warmer weather.

Retro Games - Hangman

Hangman is a classic pencil and paper brainteasing word game for 2 players. One player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters.

Retro Games - Dots & Boxes

Dots and boxes is a pencil and paper game for 2 players. Starting with an empty grid of dots, players take turns, adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two unjoined adjacent dots.

Retro Games - Battleships

Remember playing this as a kid. Battleships is the ultimate guessing game for 2 players, taking it in turns each player plots their grid to seek and sink their opponent ships. Print 2 copies. One for each player.

Little Acts of Kindness Poster

14 acts of kindness that you and your family can do together. Download and print out the poster to share the kindness with those around you.

Father's Day Voucher Book

Make Dad feel special on Father's Day and many days after. Download our voucher book. Includes 'Breakfast in Bed', 'Cuddles', 'Control of the TV remote' and 'Taking out the rubbish'. Print, trim and staple. Draw a family picture on the front and add your name to personalise the voucher book. Dad will love it.

Peppa Pig Activity Sheets

Have fun with these Peppa Pig winter activity sheets including: colouring in, maze, how to make a dragon hat, spot the difference game, dress-up and a healthy and warming carrot soup. Great activities to help keep kids entertained, inside on a cold winter’s day.