NEWS: New app hopes to tackle racism in the classroom

14 July 2016
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An app that aims to educate school children about the harm caused by racism is being trialled by national anti-racism charity All Together Now.

Aimed at eight to 10-year-olds, the app hopes to have the same success as the charity’s similar app for adults, Everyday Racism.

Children will be given various scenarios in which they have to choose how they would treat a school friend from a different racial background. Their choices influence what happens on screen and it is hoped that it will make children consider the effects of their actions.

Professor Melanie Killen, of the department of human development and quantitative methodology at the University of Maryland, told The Age that it is important to teach children about racism from an early age.

“When children use explicit forms of bias, even at nine and 10 years of age, they are often not fully aware of what it entails or the harm that it causes others,” she said. “Social exclusion based on gender, race, ethnicity and culture emerges during childhood.” 

Data from the national Kids Helpline revealed that students who did not have English as a first language, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students were more likely to be bullied at school than other children, the charity said.

For more information about the app, and to find out how your school can register to trial it, visit

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