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14 July 2016
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2016 sees the return of the 1990’s craze, Pokémon! The newest game Pokémon GO was released in app stores on July 6th and has since taken the world by storm. Children are pleading parents for a chance to play, whilst teens (and even grown adults) are rapidly advancing through the levels. But what makes this game so popular and should we allow our kids to participate in the newest gaming frenzy?

What’s the go?

After a few years of hanging under the raider, Pokémon has made an impressive entrance back into the 21st century with the launch of Pokémon GO. In simple terms, the mobile app uses your phone’s GPS system along with time-keeping features enabling the game to create a virtual reality on your phone’s screen. You can then proceed in the search for Pikachu and other creatures, with random Pokémon being dispersed over various regions in close proximity to you. The game provides several PokéStops, which informs the gamer on the location of an abundance of Pokémon, when the stops transforms into pink it’s a signal to stay around as Pokémon are coming. These few accessories help the gamer in their capture of the wild animals. With the apps ability to generate the illusion of the outside world the gamer develops the persona of Ash Ketchum, the TV shows star Pokémon trainer, making this game extremely addictive and popular towards younger and older generations.            

Why so addictive?

The launch of this app has fulfilled the fantasy of many 1990s babies, whose everlasting dreams were for Pokémon to inhabit the world and in a way this game provided. The fierce competition resulting between friends and strangers over the short duration of time this game has been available is often unbelievable! Bonds have been formed over the mutual love of the app and millions of downloads have been made worldwide. The game triggers your sense of adventure with certain Pokémon belonging in designated sections. For example, hunting Pokémon in a park will see you receive more bug or grass type creatures whereas searching around a lake or ocean will provided the gamer with water type animals. The game also allows you to hatch new Pokémon. This requires walking a certain amount of length and therefore makes the game beneficial to your health; fresh air and hikes all whilst Pokémon hunting seems like a done deal.

Is there a downside?

Pokémon GO has been the centre of several haunting stories regarding the extremities people are going to in order to possess the best pokédex. Although some are quite funny there is a serious risk in walking blind, only concentrating on the zubat up for capture. Several reports have been filed on people walking head first into poles, trees and walls leaving them with a pretty nasty headache when they enter back into the real world. Unfortunately this isn’t the only downswing resulting from the launching of the app. A police station in Missouri claimed four suspected robbers lured in victims with the possibility of discovering new Pokémon. This creates a platform for potential paedophiles using the same technique therefore reinstating the importance of stranger danger. Although with all this said, participating in the newest gaming frenzy is harmless if common sense prevails making Pokémon GO an enjoyable past time for all ages to take part in.

Should I participate?

Whilst receiving diverse opinions, the viral attention targeted towards the app is clear evidence of its popularity and more than likely the beginning of several games like it. The app enables you to escape reality, get outdoors, and relax whilst having fun. Young children idolise their parents for downloading it and also find Pokémon hunting together a fun bonding experience. The app continues to be insanely popular among tweens, millennials and adults with the search for Pokémon an addictive obsession. Leaving most people participating in the world’s current gaming frenzy and totally loving it!

Alyssa Davis is a current Year Ten student at Maroochydore High school undertaking advanced English and Media Studies as her chosen subjects. Her love towards writing prospered at a young age and has since become a platform where the younger generation are given a voice. Alyssa hopes to pursue a career in print journalism and inspire others to follow their dreams.

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    Brilliant, gives me a brief detailed perspective re this latest craze. One could definitely decide to proceed or not into this Pokemon world based off on this report.
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    good job :)

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