EDUCATION: Music bringing students together

24 July 2017

Moving from primary school to high school can be a daunting experience for many children, but two local schools are working together to make this transition easier.

Recently a talented group of Year 6 students from Sunshine Beach State School were invited to join the Music Excellence program at Sunshine Beach SHS, one year before attending the school themselves.  They were selected into the Sunshine Beach SHS Junior Strings Ensemble which is a string ensemble of years 7, 8 and 9 students. With weekly rehearsals and many performances throughout the year, these students are keen to develop their talents.

Ms Cath Gilmore, instrumental music teacher from Sunshine Beach State School, says "It’s wonderful watching these strings students grow as musicians. They are very fortunate to be building their skills and to be challenged as musicians."

Year 6 violist Ruby is more than happy to practice for a few extra hours a week.

"It’s fun to work with more experienced musicians as they help us to get better.’  Evie agrees, ‘It’s great because we’ve already made friends at the high school and next year we will already have friends within the music program."

David Allan, Director of Music, Sunshine Beach State High School, agrees. "We are happy to welcome the students from Sunshine Beach State School into our Junior String Ensemble.  This is a great opportunity for the younger students as it allows them to extend their musicianship by playing more advanced music in a supportive ensemble.  It also assists in a smooth transition to high school by developing relationships with students and staff."

Sunshine Beach State School has effective transition programs, both pre Prep and high school entry to ensure a time full of fun, excitement and new experiences.

For more information on Sunshine Beach State School's unique programs, click here.

Photo caption: Sunshine Beach Primary and High School students combine musical talents.

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