REVIEWS: 10 TOP science apps for kids

18 August 2016

Simple Machines

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Tinybop Inc

Explore the playful side of physics by experimenting with levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, screws and wheel and axles to destroy a castle, make music, send satellites into orbit and more. Simple Machines integrates with STEM curriculum: kids can alter and test each machine to learn about force and motion, actions and reactions, inputs and outputs, conservation of energy, mechanical advantages, and tradeoffs.

Rocket Science 101

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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to launch a NASA spacecraft! Simply select your favorite NASA mission and build a rocket to send the spacecraft into orbit. Learn about NASA missions and the various components of the launch vehicles, how they are configured and how they work together to successfully launch a spacecraft. 

Star Walk

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Vito Technology Inc

Star Walk is an interactive astronomy guide that uses your devices sensors to give you an augmented view of the skies. Simply point your device at the stars and Star Walk will display a matching image of the constellations, as well as provide detailed information about what you discover. You can also fast-forward or rewind time to see how the stars move with the Time Machine feature.


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Two Lives Left

Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game in which you teach a robot to move crates. With 36 clever puzzles that challenge your brain, cultivate logical thinking, and help you learn about programming concepts, it is addictive and fun. You can also record your solutions and share them to YouTube.

Brian Cox, Wonders of Life

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Explore the majesty of nature in breathtaking 3D, as Brian Cox takes you on a personal tour of our planet’s biodiversity and ecosystem. The interactive app allows you to explore more than 30 3D creatures and their habitats, with over 1,000 beautiful photographs with commentary and over 2 hours of video. From the freshwater caverns of the Yucatan to the hermit crabs of Christmas Island, you’ll learn how everything on Earth is constructed from the same fundamental building blocks.

The Human Body

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Tinybop Inc.

Explore an interactive model of the human body and interact with organs to see how they relate to each other. Dive into the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems – the heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe, and eyes see. Discover how hearing works, make pupils dilate, or feed the body a feast and watch out for burps and farts!

Video Science

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A collection of videos that bring hands-on experiments into your home. Hosted by Dan Menelly, science teacher at the UN International School, each short video focuses on a different topic – book recommendations, experiments and demonstrations. Videos cover chemistry, physics, astronomy and earth science.


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ChemCaper is a role-playing game targeted at teaching 10-17 year olds chemistry. Illustrating topics such as chemical bonds, separation techniques, and properties of the elements, the characters embody the properties of chemical elements and regions are forged from the periodic table. Tame Petticles, craft potions with lab equipment, and explore the diverse landscapes.

Pettson’s Inventions

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Filimundus AB

Pettson’s Inventions is a wonderful problem-solving app, ideal for younger kids. Help Pettson and Findus build their inventions by figuring out which of the objects should be included and where to put them in the machinery.

Drag and drop the objects to their right spot and watch the invention start. Collect cogs along the way to unlock other inventions. Stimulating creativity and scientific thinking, it is a great app for children (and parents!) to work collaboratively to solve the puzzles.


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Ninja Crime

Calculords is a 1-player card battle game in which Earth has been destroyed by the evil Hate Bit and only you can win the battle! Collect Calculord cards and cast them to destroy the enemy base using number puzzles – add, subtract and multiply. A clever combination of using turn-based tactics and arithmetic skills to avenge the earth, there are over 200 unique cards to collect!

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