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25 April 2018

Looking for some messy, sensory, sticky, fabulously creative inspiration?

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Pokemon Sensory Soup Today has been one of those days that the kiddos decided to all be intense at once. So I pulled out one of our favorite "clean the toys" tricks to keep them entertained during Roos morning nap. The great thing about this is that it also helps my little mans dry skin like no tomorrow and it smells fabulous. And if that isn't enough - he is still at the table playing (it's going on two hours now). ----------------------------------------------------How to Play - fill a large tub with warm water and a spoonful of almond or grapeseed oil. You can also use coconut oil but it might start to solidify. Or you can also skip adding a carrier oil if desired, we love it for helping dry skin Then add it 10 drops of either Thieves eos or Lemon eos (or mix it 5/5) to clean toys and play! ----------------------------------------------------#kbnmoms #kidbloggersofig #pokemon #sensoryplay #sensorybin #ece #essentialoils #yleo #parentingchaos #finemotoractivity #playtoday #blogcreate

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WATER BEAD SLIME this is so simple to make and one of our favorites. Every time we pull it out, the kids have a blast. To see all the ways we have played with this slime visit and search "water beads" ----------------------------------------------------How to Make: items needed - liquid starch, Elmer's glue (@elmersproducts), water, and water beads. directions - Add water beads to a cup of water and allow them to expand. While they do that, empty an entire bottle of Elmer's Glue into a bowl. Add in liquid starch 1 tbsp. at a time and stir in - repeating until the "slime" is no longer sticky. Then drain the water beads and mix them in to play! ----------------------------------------------------#kbnmoms #kidbloggersofig #slime #sensoryplay #sensorytoys #finemotoractivities #colorfulslime #slimeusa #slimeamerica #slimetutorial #waterbeads #sensoryactivity #slimers #slimelovers #ece #preschool #momlife #nannylife #totschool

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Chocolate Moon Sand after making our fizzy frozen ABC's the other day (see photo in profile) we had some left over baking soda that we needed something to do with. Kids had a blast creating this chocolate cupcake sensory bin! p.s. If you make this don't throw it out once done playing with it. We have a whole bunch of ways to use this recipe from slime to frozen paint! --------------------------------------------------How to Make: ingredients - 1 box of cornstarch, 1/3 cup baking soda, 1 cup cocoa, water. Directions - mix all the dry ingredients together. Slowly add in water until dough is crumbly and moldable. For us it took about two fills of a baby food jar worth of water - about 8 ounces. ----------------------------------------------------#kbnmoms #kidbloggersofig #sensorybin #sensoryplayideas #sensoryplay #playrecipe #summerfun #chocolate #toddlerfun #preschool #childhoodfun

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Orange Scented Soap Foam we had so much fun with this! How to make: fill an under the bed storage tub with 1/2 gallon of water. Add in 3-6 tablespoons of dish soap and whip, or you can totally cheat and use a foaming soap dispenser...they are good for fine motor right? then add in your scent. For this bin we added in 2 cups of tang. Then play! If your kids have played with soap foam we would love to see your photos. Share them with us using the hashtag #parentingchaos for a chance to be regrammed ----------------------------------------------------#kbnmoms #kidbloggersofig #kidblogger #play #diy #sensorybin #summerfun #quiettime #easyplayideas #playideas #orange #messyplay #kidfun #buzzfeeddiy #buzzfeedparents #huffpostparents

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Free the ABC's this was such a fun outdoor science experiment! The kids had a blast experimenting with how ice melts while talking about letters - can you get the d free? I bet I can get enough letter to spell a word before you do! - it was so fun to listen to their conversations as they used salt, hammers, and chisels to free the ABC's ----------------------------------------------------How to Play: items needed- ice ball tray (we found ours on Amazon), abc beads (@lakeshorelearning), and dollar store items. We got the tongs, bin, and plastic ramekins there. Fill cups with salt and water. Directions - add ABC beads to the ice ball mold, fill, and freeze. We did this three times for a total of 18 ABC ice balls. Then place in a shallow bin with tools. Let kids explore! ----------------------------------------------------#earlychildhood #toddleractivity #kidbloggersofig #preschoolathome #totschooling #playoutside #learningthroughplay #handsonlearning #sensorylearning #sensorybin #abcs #alphabetsoup #alphabetbeads #unschool #finemotoractivities #specialeducation #nanny #playideas

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