REVIEW: Spark creativity and imagination with the Bodey Colour-in House

25 October 2018

Finding something that combines creativity, open-ended play, and provide hours of entertainment for a bunch of preschoolers is not always easy.

So, when the Bodey Colour-in House landed on our doorstep recently, we were super-excited to let the kiddies loose to test it out… and we were not disappointed!

An ingenious creation, the Bodey Colour-in House is exactly what the name suggests – a kid-sized cardboard cubby house that you can colour in. The concept is deceptively simple yet brings with it so many opportunities for child-driven play.

Arriving flat-packed, first step is building the cubby house. It’s pretty easy to put together and older kids can definitely help with the construction. There’s a really handy assembly video on the website that ensures you can’t go wrong.

bodey 1

Once it’s put together, the littlies can get really stuck in. Kids can colour, paint, draw, stick and play to their heart’s content. The house is printed with gorgeous line art to colour in - stripy bees, flowers, a bird, fencing, roof tiles... and more. The house itself has a door, a window, and a 3D letterbox to play with, providing the perfect place for hours of pretend play.

The mix of creativity and pretend play the cubby house offers is a unique and clever blend. And rather than getting bored (which can often happen with regular colouring in) the kids were engaged and happy for hours. Pull out the dress-up box and add another level of fun to the afternoon, the possibilities are endless.


Even once coloured in (though after many weekends of play it still isn’t finished), you are left with a totally unique cubby house, personalised by your little ones to be exactly the way they want it.

The cubby house is also a very social experience, developing a child’s sharing, communicating and cooperating skills, making it perfect for rainy day playdates, birthday parties or special occasions. It will also make a great Christmas day activity, allowing the adults to enjoy a relaxed glass of wine whilst the kids play without resorting to screens.


The playhouse is made from stiff 3mm thick corrugated cardboard, with clever push fit tabs that make it super-sturdy and ensure the structure is maintained, even during rough and excited play. So, despite being made from cardboard, it is built to last.

The cubby house is also light and portable, so you can move it to one side and reclaim your living space whenever you need to.

Plus, being made from 100% recycled materials, this cardboard toy completely avoids landfill throughout its entire life, making it an eco-friendly world of interaction.

Our verdict? Brilliant. We had time to get some jobs done, and even sit down to enjoy a hot (yes, hot) cup of tea. All the while there was no ‘I’m bored’ or ‘she’s not sharing’, and not an iPad in sight.

Fast facts:

  • Size: 120 x 90 x 110cm
  • Age: Perfect for under 6s
  • Price: $75
  • Purchase:


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Helen Rush
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