10 ghoulishly GREAT Halloween books for preschoolers

23 October 2018
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Halloween isn’t just something for school-aged kids. Younger trick-or-treaters can become spellbound in the spooky excitement, thanks to these great preschool Halloween books.

One Two…Boo!

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by Kristen L. Depken

Little readers count their way through a spooky house, lifting flaps and discovering surprises along the way. On Two…Boo! is a beautifully illustrated sturdy board book perfect for younger Halloween enthusiasts.

Room on the Broom

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by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

A witch and her cat are flying through the sky on her broomstick, until the wind blows away her hat, then her bow, then her wand! Three helpful animals find the missing items for the witch, but in return they want a ride on her broom. Is there room on the broom for everyone?

A Very Brave Witch

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by Alison McGhee & Harry Bliss

A very brave witch decides to venture out of her haunted house on Halloween night, just to see how odd humans really are. Is it true that they walk, not fly? And that they can hardly cackle at all?

It’s Raining Bats and Frogs

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by Rebecca Colby & Steven Henry

Delia, the little witch, had been looking forward to the annual Witch Parade all year. But when rain starts to dampen the event, Delia uses her best magic to change the rain to cats and dogs, a change that leads to more than a few issues. But how will Delia fix it?

The Curious Little Witch

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By Lieve Baeten

A classic tale, the Curious Little Witch tells the story of Lizzie the curious witch who simply has to investigate the house that is all lit up when everyone else is asleep.

Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble

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By Tracey Corderoy & Joe Berger

Granny loves to help, and she is always eager to whip out her magic ‘helping kit’ to speed things along. But when her granddaughter wants to do things under her under her own steam and spend some quality time with her beloved granny, is her birthday party really the right time to turn down the magic?

Only a Witch Can Fly

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by Alison McGhee & Taeeun Yoo

One little girl wants to fly more than anything. So on a moonlit night, with her cat by her side, she grips her broom… and she tries. And she tries again. Until…

10 Busy Brooms

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by Carole Gerber

A fun Halloween counting book with ten little witches flying through the night sky: zooming past skeletons, buzzing by pie-stealing mummies, soaring over a werewolf, on their Halloween adventures.

I am a Witch’s Cat

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By Harriet Muncaster

In this delightful picture book, a little girl believes that she is a special witch’s cat, and her mother is a good witch! Together they mix potions, grow magical plants and dream of broomstick rides.

Ten Timid Ghosts

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By Jennifer O’connell

In a haunted house there are ten timid ghosts with a problem – a mean witch is planning on moving in and frightening them away! But will the ghosts work out how to scare the witch away before Halloween? Young readers will learn to count to as each ghost flies away from the witch’s tricks.

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