BOOK REVIEW: Max The Brave by Ed Vere

08 February 2016
Reading time1 min

Age: 3-6 years

Max is a brave kitten who chases mice, or would chase them if he knew what a mouse looked like!

This is a charming book for young readers that depicts an innocent cat desperate to be brave and fearless. Max, however, unfortunately gets hoodwinked, with younger readers finding the case of mistaken identity comical.

Children will love the simple, yet striking, depiction of Max who is illustrated in black against an abundance of brightly-coloured pages.

Max the Brave is recommended for readers aged three and over, who will love the simple text and illustrations, and will enjoy laughing at the cheeky little mouse that comes out on top.

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

RRP: $14.99 AUD

By Rebecca Teaupa from The Little Reading Room

Written by

Rebecca Teaupa
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