BOOK REVIEW: Sippy & Sunny (A Byron Bay Adventure), by Vicki Wood, Kelly Elsom and Bec Winnel

29 February 2016
Reading time1 min

In this enchanting book, Sunny and her magical dragon, Sippy, fly to Byron Bay to help their friend Rory save a beached whale. With Sippy’s help, the whale is returned to the ocean and back to his family.

The illustrations by Bec Winnel are simply breathtaking, and portray an enchanting world where a dragon with soft, pink fur, roars gold and silver butterflies. Sippy & Sunny also conveys beautiful imagery of the Byron Hinterland, beach and ocean –blending imaginary and natural magic.

In addition, each book comes with a white feather dipped in gold glitter, so children can read along and feel as though they themselves have a piece of the wonder that is Sippy & Sunny.

Publisher: Unclebearskin Productions

RRP: $45.00 AUD

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Rebecca Teaupa
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